Course Information and Policies

Course Information and Policies

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Register for the CNPA Course



Anyone with interest is permitted to take the CNPA course; there are no pre-requisites to register for the course. You can register as an individual, even if you are not affiliated with a company in the natural health products (NHP) industry. However, this course is especially beneficial for customer service representatives or sales representatives in the industry who deal with customer or client inquiries about NHPs on a regular basis.


Fill out the registration form on our registration page and we will send you the course materials. If you are unable to register online, contact CHFA at or 1.800.661.4510, and ask about registering for the CNPA course.


The CNPA course costs $399 per student for CHFA Members, and $599 per student for non-members. Bulk pricing is available exclusively for members; the bulk price is $349 per course when you purchase three or more course packages at the same time.


CHFA offers a money-back guarantee within 30 days from the date of course registration. If after starting the course you feel it is not going to meet your needs, simply return the course materials in the same condition as when you received them by mail to CHFA. CHFA will refund the course amount, minus $25 from the course fee for administration charges. No refunds will be given after the one-month period.

Writing the exam

In order to complete the course, all students must write a final exam and attain at least 60 per cent on the exam to pass. Each student will be given two hours to complete the exam and there are three location options for writing:


  1. CHFA Office: Contact CHFA and request to write the exam in-house;
  2. CHFA Trade Show: Testing sessions will be scheduled in advance of CHFA West and CHFA East;
  3. Individual Testing Site: You may request an individual testing site in your area such as a university, community college or some other licensed educational facility. CHFA will work with you to coordinate a date, time and location.


To request an exam date please send an email to with your name, date, time and the location where you wish to write the exam. It takes several weeks to coordinate and book an exam, so please notify CHFA well in advance of your desired exam date.


Your exam will be marked and your marks will be communicated to you within 30 days of writing the exam. If you successfully complete the course with a mark of 60 per cent or greater, you will receive a certificate with your name on it.

Course extensions

The exam must be completed within one year of the purchase date (plus five business days to account for shipping time). If for some reason you have not completed the course within the allotted one year time frame, you have the opportunity to apply for a single six-month extension by sending an email to


CHFA will send you a written confirmation of the new completion date. An extension will only be granted once.


If you have any questions regarding the course structure or policies, please contact CHFA at or 1.800.661.4510