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Resources for Navigating NHP Regulations

The Natural Health Products Regulations (NHPR) apply to manufacturers, packagers, labellers, distributors, importers, and retailers of NHPs in Canada. They govern product licensing, site licensing, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), clinical trials, and labelling information.

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Guidance Documents

The NNHPD has provided a number of guidance documents to help the NHP industry understand, and comply with, the regulatory requirements of the NHPR. Below are links to some key guidance documents relevant to individuals invested in the NHP industry.


Product Licensing

Site Licensing

Quality, safety and efficacy:

Advertising and labelling:

Food/NHP Interface:

Further information pertaining to products at the Food/NHP Interface can be found here on the Food Regulations page.

Other Resources

The NNHPD offers a range of other resources that are useful for the NHP industry, including:

Compliance and Enforcement

The following policies apply to NHPs: