Product Showcase

2019 Product Showcase


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    Established in 1990, Marsham is the premier Canadian natural product broker. We service all classes of trade and distribution, representing traditional grocery and non-grocery CPGs nationally.

We pride ourselves on our integrity and our ability to maintain and grow both profits and sales in this fast paced, ever changing business.
Marsham Internation Food Brokers / Beanfields 636
    What don’t explorers bring to the Himalayan Mountains? Vinegar. Because they know they would never return. You see, Himalayan salt / vinegar is the perfect balance between slightly salty and perfectly punchy. It’s an exploration into the uncharted regions of your tongue—an expedition that is too tasty to come down from.  
Marsham International Food Brokers / Dr. Praeger's  641
Dr. Praeger’s Purely Sensible Foods is an independent, family owned frozen natural products company. We offer colourful, clean and nutritious recipes that taste great for everyone, including those who follow vegan and gluten free lifestyles. Our versatile products are ready in minutes – just heat ‘em and eat ‘em!
Marsham International Food Brokers / Once Upon a Farm 551

On a mission to feed fresh with organic, cold-pressed baby food as fresh as it gets, without making it yourself! Unique farm to family blends are cold-pressed to lock in nutrients to set up little ones for a lifetime of healthy eating. Find us in the fridge, not the shelf.
Marsham International / Perfect Bar  551

Perfect Bars are Organic, Non GMO Verified, Gluten Free, high protein refrigerated nutrition bars with 20+ superfoods in every bar! Since all Perfect Bars are made with whole food ingredients and use organic honey as the natural binder, refrigeration is required to maintain optimal freshness and consistency.