CHFA Quebec - Media Registration

Media Registration

Media are welcome to attend CHFA trade shows at no charge. However, we must limit access to those who can show an affiliation with a media outlet and the natural health industry. Media passes are not carried over year to year; you must register each year. To qualify for a complimentary media pass, you must cover the natural health and organic industry on a regular basis.

In order to obtain a media pass, you must:

  • Be a reporter, writer, editor, videographer or photographer with an accredited media outlet;
  • Be freelance media with proof of assignment on the media outlet’s letterhead;
  • Be an active blogger focused on the natural health and organic industry, posting consistently and able to prove a significant readership and online following (5,000 followers on Twitter and/or 2,000 friends or likes on Facebook and/or 1,000 followers on Pinterest/Instagram).

Those not eligible to attend CHFA Trade Shows as media include:

  • Those with titles in advertising, account executive, CEO, marketing, president, publicists or public relations, publisher and sales;
  • Those writing for newsletters and other limited circulation publications;
  • Those writing blogs or producing online content not focused on natural health and organics, and/or blogging for less than three years, without weekly consistency and without a significant readership and online following.

Upon arriving at the CHFA Trade Shows, you will need to bring ID with proof of media accreditation, such as:

  • A business card with your name, title and media outlet;
  • An assignment letter from an editor, publisher, or producer;
  • A copy of at least one article published within the past six months that has your byline;
  • A Photo ID Press Accreditation Card.


To apply for media registration, please complete the application and email to

Please note that your attendance may be shared with CHFA members.