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Exhibitor Promotional Toolkit

Help us spread the word about the Healthier by Nature Expo! To help make it easy for you to promote this exciting event, we’ve created a promotional toolkit you can use as is or modify to meet your needs. If you require any additional assets or have any questions, please contact our Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Cindy Luu, at

Overview of Assets Included

  • Logo files in EPS and PNG format
  • Promotional images include:
    • Social media images for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook
    • Sample social media text
    • Email signature banner
    • Email text and header image

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Important Links

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Social Images

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Sample Social Media Text

We’re excited to be part of the Healthier by Nature Expo on March 20!

Come together with your community for a virtual event like no other. The Healthier by Nature Expo, hosted by @hbncanada, is your opportunity to meet today’s top health experts, immerse yourself in cooking demos, discover and shop for new wellness products, and most importantly connect with your community, all from the comfort of your home.

Get your FREE ticket at

#HBNexpo #behealthier

Let’s get social despite the distance.

We’re excited to invite you to get social with us at the Healthier by Nature Expo by @hbncanada on March 20, all from the comfort of your home. 

At this virtual expo, you can directly message others (even in group chats!) or pose questions to the entire community to spark discussion. 

One day can build lasting connections. And the best part? It’s completely free! 

Are you in? Get your FREE ticket at 

#HBNexpo #behealthier

Let’s come together and be inspired at the Healthier by Nature Expo by @hbncanada on March 20! 

The #HBNexpo virtual event is your chance to connect with us and a community of health and wellness enthusiasts and shop, all from the comfort of your home. 

Hear from (insert your speaker’s name) and other inspiring speakers, including TV Personality, Jennifer Valentyne. 

This new experience is full of opportunities that will inspire your health journey. 

Get your FREE ticket at 

#HBNexpo #behealthier

  Email Text

Expo Hours: 12 – 5 p.m. ET
On Demand Until March 28, 2021

We are/I am SO excited to share that on March 20, we are/I am going to be participating in the Healthier by Nature Expo, brought to you by the team at the Canadian Health Food Association. This is a one-day, free virtual event that gives you the opportunity to hear from and connect with inspirational speakers such as Jennifer Valentyne, Joy McCarthy, Mairlyn Smith, and a ton of other healthy living experts, all from the comfort of your home. Along with our/my presentation on XXX, we encourage you to watch and explore: 

  • Interactive cooking and mixologist demos. 
  • Yoga and mindfulness breaks. 
  • Healthy living sessions like overcoming adversity, how to boost immunity, healthy hacks for all moms, and many more! 

You can also discover the latest health and wellness products, interact with today’s top health experts, forge new friendships with those in the community, and shop for your new favourite products. Join us/me in this FREE experience and take your health journey to the next level. Register for FREE and learn more at

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