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Product Showcase

Looking for the latest and greatest products for your store? Want to plan your schedule but not sure where to start? Our Product Showcase will give you a small taste of some of the many products you’ll find in the virtual show aisles.


Bone Brewhouse

The wellness of bone broth in an instant - simply add hot water, stir and enjoy! Available in 5 great flavours with added MCT Oil, our instant bone broths are deliciously convenient and satisfying. They're easy-to-digest, gut-friendly, and contain at least 10 grams of protein. Sip daily. Live Well!


Boreal Botanical Brewing Company

Delicious functional SuperTonics, crafted by chefs and nutritionists with botanicals from the boreal forest and adaptogens; energizing chaga, focusing lion’s mane and relaxing reishi.

Our drinks contain neither sugar nor sweeteners , are 100% plant-based and preservative and alcohol-free.


Core and Rind

Core and Rind plant-based and dairy free Cashew Cheesy Sauces have whole, real, plant-based ingredients, all of which you can pronounce! Create creamy macaroni & cheese, smothered veggies, gooey nachos or any of your favorite cheesy meals.

All of our sauces are clean label, shelf-stable, paleo, vegan and keto friendly.

The founders, Candi and Rita, spent years developing these sauces to make your journey to health easier and tastier. We are proudly women-owned.



We captured calm in a can so that your brain can relax & reset. Daydream is Canada's first hemp & adaptogen infused sparkling water. They contain a powerful mix of adaptogens, which have been known to help with stress, fatigue and inflammation. With 0 sugar, 10 calories, no caffeine & all-natural flavours, it makes the perfect mid-day pick me up. The newest functional beverage that is taking Canadians one sip closer to peace of mind.


Maison Le Grand

Le Grand's plant based spreadable butter is organic & cultured, made with only real food ingredients (made with vegetables!) and super low calories. Available in sea salt and unsalted, it bakes, spreads and melts just like butter! It tastes so good you could eat it on toast or a cracker all afternoon! Oh! and it is Canadian produced!


Moong Pani Soup-Teas

Moong Pani Soup-Teas are vegan, gluten-free, GMO-free, keto-friendly, all natural, instant hot drinks with only 40 calories per cup. Just add hot water to a spoonful of Moong Pani dry mix, stir and drink.

They're made from plant-protein mung beans (dal) rich in easy-to-digest fibre that keep you full. Moong Pani Soup-Teas come in four delicious flavours. Each packet makes seven 8oz cups.


Neophyto Foods

Neokit™ is Canada’s first plant-based ground meat substitute that allows you to make your own ground meat from scratch. Neokit™ is a gluten-free, nut-free and preservative-free alternative for all of your favourite meaty recipes. Follow our link to get your free distributor sample today!



Sapsucker is organic sparkling tree water. Lightly carbonated with a 'subtle bubble', Sapsucker is naturally hydrating and sustainably harvested from Canadian maple trees. Unlike water from other sources, tree water is naturally sweetened and supports immune health with 46 nutrients, minerals, and electrolytes. Refreshing by Nature. #drinktree


Tia Lupita Foods

Say “¡Hola!” to Tia Lupita Foods. We make authentic better-for-you Mexican foods inspired by the recipes of our founder Hector’s mom, Tia Lupita. Our legendary Hot Sauces, Cactus Tortillas and Cactus Tortilla Chips deliver big flavor with healthier ingredients. Give them a try and be prepared to fall in love!