Representing our Members in Ottawa

Changing regulations can have an impact on your business. Our regulatory affairs and government relations department strives to positively influence government policy, to benefit our industry. CHFA maintains strong working relationships with key government officials and frequently meets face-to-face with decision makers to address the concerns of your business. In addition, our team monitors regulations and government policies and can help members navigate and understand legislative and regulatory requirements. Watch below for more on CHFA regulatory affairs & government relations.


CBD is Natural Campaign

Canada’s cannabis framework, created in 2018, does not accommodate cannabidiol (CBD) products that fall outside the scope of recreational use that are, instead, used to promote health.

As a result, the sale of unregulated products online persists to fulfill the demand for CBD health products, while small businesses in Canada are excluded from a major economic opportunity.

As a low-risk, non-intoxicating and natural substance, CBD should be permitted in natural health products (NHPs). NHPs are naturally occurring substances used to restore or maintain good health. When sourced from cannabis or hemp, and when used to support consumer health. CBD health products belong under Canada’s established NHP framework.

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CHFA's Position on Cannabis