A Guide to Naturally Healthy Gifts for Dads

Father’s Day is just around the corner, so now’s the time to help dad get his health in check with our guide to naturally healthy gifts.

1. Organic vegetable box subscription

Organic veggie boxes are all the rage in urban centres around the country. This year, sign up dad for a program with one of your local organic co-ops and arrange to have delicious fresh produce delivered right to his door. He’ll get what’s in season, as well as a chance to expand their culinary skills with new and interesting foods. Cooking is also a great way for the two of you to spend some much-needed quality time together!

2. Organic meat delivery subscription

If you think the organic veggies box will put a smile on dad’s face, wait for his reaction if you chose to opt for an organic meat delivery, too. Organic meat share co-ops are available across the country and ensure that the animals are grass-fed, and raised sustainably and humanely. They also use all parts of the animals, so that nothing goes to waste. Order a box, fire up the grill and share a delicious dinner featuring local steak. There are great health benefits: meat from grass-fed cattle has been shown to be lower in overall fat and higher in some antioxidant nutrients, such as vitamins A and E, than grain-fed cattle.

3. Yoga classes

Holistic health means incorporating exercise into our daily routines. Get active and agile together by signing up for a yoga class together. Not only will you be able to spend more time together, but your health, flexibility and mood will benefit. Finding hobbies and activities to do together can greatly enhance and strengthen any relationship.

4. Natural bathroom bundle

The bathroom is a hotspot for exposure to harmful chemicals such as parabens, siloxanes and phthalates found in shampoos, body washes and skin care products. Take the time to prepare a natural pamper package for dad with a shampoo, body wash and deodorant that’s free chemicals found in common hygiene products. See our Healthy Hygiene guide for more tips on where to go natural when purchasing natural beauty and hygiene products.

5. Organic beer

Does your dad love beer? If so, another great gift idea is to grab him a case of organic ale to enjoy while relaxing. Certified organic means that the foods and drinks we consume have been grown and handled according to strict procedures, without persistent, toxic chemical inputs. It also makes a great marinade: new research shows that marinating a steak in a dark beer for four hours can cut the presence of carcinogens from grilling in half!

6. Supplements for men

You can keep dad healthy from the inside out with a gift basket of “man-ssential” nutrients. For instance, omega-3s, men’s multivitamins and probiotics are a just a few that bring many positive health benefits for men. Check out others in our men’s supplement guide.

7. Spruce up his gym bag

Support his workout by popping in some high protein snacks for his trip to the gym. There are a variety of high-protein bars now on the market that aren't filled with synthetic ingredients. A mix of nuts and seeds can also provide some excellent protein, essential antioxidant nutrients like vitamin E for tissue repair and good fats.

8. Facial care

Whether he’s clean-shaven or on the beard trend, get your dad a premium, organic facial or beard care product. Whether hydrating and soothing razor-burned skin or styling that slick moustache, going for a natural, toxin-free product will reduce his skin’s exposure to conventional, chemical-laden products, such as BHA and BHT, which are known endocrine disruptors.

9. Hydration on-the-go

Hydration is only complete when you pair a fluid with electrolytes. Assemble a collection of natural, on-the-go hydrators for dad, including coconut water, maple water, coconut powder and a toxin-free re-usable water bottle to store it all! All of the above beverages are naturally sweet and tasty, and also pack an extra nutritional punch.

10. Healthy snack basket

Whether your dad has a sweet tooth or is the savoury type, there are a host of healthy snack options, from seaweed chips to coconut chips, to take on his summer outing. Visit your local CHFA Member health food store and put together a collection of certified organic, Fair Trade and GMO-free snacks that he’s sure to love.