"The most valuable take away for us is definitely seeing the new product line ups and what we can offer to our customers."
Janine Phillpot, Store Manager
Goodness Me! Natural Food Market 


Continue checking back as we are still gathering information from exhibitors. 
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Bioforce Canada/A.Vogel - Booth 911

A.Vogel Arnica Cream

This new gently nurturing cream is made of fresh arnica, comfrey and chamomile flowers. It supports skin regeneration and cares for the skin in case of bruises or minor sport injuries. This new addition to the A.Vogel body care line will be the star of your first aid kit!

Glutenless Gourmet Inc.- Booth 2420
Glutenless Gourment Inc. - Delicious, gluten free has never been this simple! Raw lean ground chicken mixed with fresh onions, salt, and pepper, wrapped inside our finest gluten free pasta dough makes an amazing healthy and hearty meal. Save yourself a great amount of time in the kitchen, leave the cooking to us! 
LeBeau Excel / Natural Calm / SuperLeaf - Booth 226 - 247

Calmful Sleep - A Naturally Relaxing Nighttime Drink

  • Multi-award-winning Natural Calm ionic magnesium citrate powder
  • GABA and Suntheanine® L-theanine to temporarily promote relaxation
  • Rest-promoting magnesium glycinate
  • Melatonin to fall asleep faster
  • New Organic Wildberry Flavour
  • Great Value: 28+ servings per bottle
Marsham International Food Brokers - Booths 401, 421, 500-520, 600-621, 700, 701
For close to three decades, Marsham has been representing quality natural and organic products from all over the world. We are brand management experts – connecting manufacturers with mainstream retail channels, grocery food chains, mass merchandisers, independent retailers, gas and convenience and more – to grow your listings throughout Canada.
Marsham International Food Brokers Clif Bar & Co. - Booths 602, 604
CLIF Kid, from the makers of CLIF Bar, is dedicated to reclaiming “play.” We're encouraging kids everywhere to get back outside, push their boundaries, and feed their adventures. CLIF Zbar is an organic baked whole grain snack made from nutritious, organic ingredients – to keep them going, growing, and exploring.
The athletes and foodies at CLIF have crafted a whole new kind of bar. CLIF NutButter Filled Energy Bar brings together two energy foods – delicious nutbutter inside a CLIF Bar. Made with creamy peanut, hazelnut, or almond butters, they are organic, non-GMO, and perfect before and during longer-lasting adventures.
Marsham International Food Brokers / DeeBees - Booth 501
DeeBee's Organic 100% juice freezer pops that are shelf-stable, to take home and freeze. Certified Organic, Non-GMO Verified, Kosher Parve, Certified Vegan, certified allergen-free. Made without added sugars or colorants - just organic juices! Shelf-stable up to 14 months. Retail bag of 12 x 53ml bars."
Marsham International Food Brokers / Frontera/Red Fork - Booth 505
Red Fork cooking sauces are for people passionate about great food. Made in small batches with fresh ingredients such as herbs and vegetables, these sauces transform everyday meals!
Marsham International Food Brokers / One Degree Organics - Booth 611

One Degree organics

Introducing the first traceable, organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Glyphosate-Tested, and Certified Gluten-Free Sprouted Oats. 100% traceable to the farm that grew the organic oats.

 Sprouted to boost nutrients and make them easier to digest and absorb. Glyphosate tested by a third party to ensure that there is no contamination from this common herbicide.

Marsham International Food Brokers / Traditional Medicinals - Booth 516
Traditional Medicinals
Tulsi is an adaptogen that specifically helps the body adapt to stress,  a preventative tonic to help you cope with difficult elements of your day so that your body doesn’t get stressed.
Stress Soother Cinnamon eases stress and tension.  Innovative formula features the herb skullcap, which provides fast relief.
Marsham International Food Brokers / Wholesome Sweeteners - Booth 519

Wholesome Sweeteners

New Frostings !
Organic, Fair Trade, Ready to Spread Wholesome Frostings! Available in Chocolate & Vanilla!
Organic, made with Fair Trade, vegan Wholesome Fruit Chews and Delish Fish! Taste great better for you!

Theobroma Chocolat / Vigneault Chocolatier  -  Booth 1323, 1423, 2120
Winner of the «Best Confectionary Product» at the 2016 Canadian Grand Prix New Product Award, Theobroma Chocolat 80g Bar collection is revolutionizing the North American chocolate market with its new resealable packaging. The best way to enjoy the subtleties of chocolate and experience its smooth texture and delicious taste.


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