"The most valuable take away for us is definitely seeing the new product line ups and what we can offer to our customers."
Janine Phillpot, Store Manager
Goodness Me! Natural Food Market 


Want your new products showcased here? Contact us for more information. 


 Abundant By Design Inc. 203, 205, 207, 209, 211

Abundant by Design Inc. represents innovative products, such as top-selling Charcoal Oral care products to natural feminine-hygiene pads to kids’ supplements to black garlic.

Some of our brands are: My Magic Mud, Genial Days, Front Porch Pecan, Wrapioca, Yai Thai, Natural Choice, Erabl'Or, Tisane Alkaline Tea, Onyx Black Garlic, Matraea.

Arctic Zero, Inc. 439  

7 Tasty Low-Calorie Frozen Dessert Flavours!

ARCTIC ZERO ®/MD is the pioneer of low-calorie frozen desserts. Made with whey protein derived from cows not treated with rBST hormone. ARCTIC ZERO is lactose-free, fat-free (creamy flavours) or low-fat (Chunky Flavours) with many gluten-free options. It's the perfect guiltless pleasure. No sugar alcohols. Clean ingredients.

Atlas Brand Management / Chedz Cheese Snacks 1453  
Chedz is a flavorful, cheesy and wholesome snack for people of all ages, even babies! Enjoy Chedz straight from the bag, or serve them with party mixes, salads, soups, dips, beer, wine, cocktails, coffee and many other accompaniments. Chedz can also be used for cooking for a delicious, low carb alternative to bread crumbs in recipes. 
Because Animals 245  

Five reasons to love our pet supplement!

  1. Pet health: Superfoods support healthy metabolic, cardiovascular and digestive health.
  2. A beautiful, healthy coat: Omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids promote skin and coat health.
  3. Probiotics: Super-beneficial bacteria to help immune and gut health.
  4. High-quality ingredients: Organic, human-grade and premium.
  5. Environmental packaging: 100% biodegradable materials.
Best Brands Marketing 1427  
Best Brands Marketing introduces organic soybean lasagna and organic soybean quinoa fettuccine. All products in the Tastell line are certified organic, vegan, gluten free and excellent source of protein. 
Bio2go Health 655   
    Bio2go™ Chlorella is grown in our organic algae farm, which is the world's oldest and largest. It is made of 100% Chlorella Sorokiniana. Our pressure — release cell wall treatment makes Chlorella 80-85% digestible without damage the nutrients. Heavy metal content in Chlorella is a major issue; Bio2go Chlorella is the lowest in heavy metal detection limit.
Bioforce Canada / A.Vogel 1215  
    A.Vogel Arnica Cream — This new gently nurturing cream is made of fresh arnica, comfrey and chamomile flowers. It supports skin regeneration and cares for the skin in case of bruises or minor sport injuries. This new addition to the A.Vogel body care line will be the star of your first aid kit!
Bio-K Plus International Inc. 2017      
    Bio-Kidz Vegan Raspberry is the newest addition to the Bio-K Plus family. A fermented pea formula with a kid-friendly irresistible raspberry juice-like taste and texture.
This patented 100% probiotic formula contains 12.5 billion active bacteria per bottle to help improve intestinal flora health for better digestion & a reinforced immune system.
Bosa Foods 1109      
    Spagnia honey are 100% pure and authentic with no added fillers, artificial flavours or unwanted ingredients. This honey is the perfect accompaniment to many dishes, both sweet and savoury.
Bothwell Cheese 1725
    Bothwell Cheese Non-GMO Project Verified Medium White Cheddar cheese is made with milk from cows fed non-GMO verified crops, located within 15 kilometres from the Bothwell Cheese plant. Our cheese is made with 100% Canadian milk and does not contain any modified milk ingredients, artificial flavours or preservatives.
BrandSeed Marketing 1221  
    Small opportunities are often the beginning of great achievements! What started with one brand, BrandSeed Marketing, has now expanded and includes: C20, Chickapea Pasta, Drew’s Organics, Three Farmers, Mayacamas, Mia’s Kitchen, Sheese, Steaz, Way Better Snacks, Wild Garden, The Gluten Free Bar, Vintage Italia & introducing Belvoir. Come grow with us!
BrandSeed Marketing 1221  
    Founded in 2014 by Jim Kavanagh with a focus on the health market & a hands on approach. BrandSeed Marketing is a company designed to build brand visibility. The company is committed to being the brand champion for all of its clients - assisting in the manufacture, delivery, goals & distribution. 
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Christmas Naturals / Nena Skincare 1946  
    With Nena, you get Earth’s finest with no added ingredients. The Nena Skincare line contains ECOCERT-certified glacial oceanic clay, harvested by us on the coast of Northern British Columbia. It’s gentle, hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types. Free of chemicals, sulfates, parabens, and synthetic fragrances. Zero environmental footprint. No animal testing.
Clark Drouin Lefebvre Inc. / Bioitalia 1350  
      We are an entrepreneurs group with solid experience in the food sector. Good for respecting the nature and the animals; good for making no use of harmful substances. Our products are classic elements of the Mediterranean diet and express the flavours of our lands. We produce high-quality products at fair prices that are proudly served at the tables of families who believe in the organic cause in over 40 countries.
Clark Drouin Lefebvre Inc. / Émile Noël 1352  
    Huilerie Emile Noël uses an artisanal, traditional production method. Its endless-screw presses are very old but carefully maintained to extract oil slowly and gently. The company’s organic virgin oils are made by mechanical methods: first cold-pressing or cold extraction, with no chemical treatment. 
Clef des Champs 829      
    Drastix is the most potent of our product line, traditionally used in western herbalism to help relieve symptoms of respiratory system infections. All the organic certified herbs in this compound create an efficient compound used for short periods when the infection is intense.
Coast Protein 1243      
    Coast Protein is Canada's first cricket protein company.
Our two product lines: Energy bars and protein powders are all-natural, gluten-free, dairy-free, and use naturally raised crickets as the primary protein source.
Crickets are a sustainable, and nutritious alternative protein source that aligns with consumer trends of paleo and keto.
Colnuck Ltd. 620      
    Polypropylene folding boxes! Collapsible, strong, practical and a great marketing tool. Over 30 colors in stock to choose from and with FREE design services, we will help you to design a very attractive and vibrant product! They can be customized with your company's logo and message for a more powerful effect.
Connect Brand Management / Cantina Soups Inc. 1640
    The Cantina Brand is a raw, organic and cold drinkable veggie beverage. Due to its high vegetable content, it is very low in sugar and high in fibre. Chock full of superfood goodness and healthy fats, Cantina provides a very convenient way to add 3-4 servings of vegetables to your diet in 4 delicious flavours.
Connect Brand Management / Elevate Me 1650  
    Elevate yourself with every energy-packed bite and crunch into a delicious combination of flavors that are designed to satisfy your sweet tooth with all-natural ingredients. Peanut butter and cocoa are a classic combination! Paired with crunchy peanuts, gooey dates, dried apples, and sweet raisins, this energy bar has a complex flavor palette that will satisfy to the last bite.
Connect Brand Management / Natera 1652  
    Natera Hemp is the most delicious way we know to give your body the gift of seriously excellent nutrition. Our Hemp Seeds and Hemp Powders are packed with complete proteins, omegas as well as an extraordinary abundance of minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants, fibre and more. Nature delivers all this pure hemp goodness in rare perfect balance for optimum nutrition and taste.
Connect Brand Management / Pure-le Natural 1648  
    Pure-le Natural, Canada's leading Natural Health Manufacturer introduces additions to our Liquid Greens chlorophyll, new flavours, and a new look.

New Organic Products! Certified organic by Ecocert, we offer a certified organic version of Canada's favorite soluble fiber, Fiberrific as well as the industry's only Certified Organic Milk Thistle Concentrate capsule. Both are gluten-free, nut-free, vegan and kosher. 
Cyba Stevens Management Group 420 - 424, 426, 428, 430, 432, 434

Celebrating 32 years of organic growth! Cyba Stevens Management Group is Canada’s premier results-oriented, sales and marketing firm. We connect the Canadian consumer to your natural and organic brand.

Please visit us at booth #420-424,426,428, 430,432,434  to check out what’s new! 

Cyba Stevens Management Group / Chewter's Chocolates 428  

ChocXO is a better for you chocolate company.  With responsible portion sizes and clean ingredients, you’ll feel good about eating our chocolate.  We’re proud of every ingredient that goes into our chocolate, starting with our responsibility sourced organic cacao beans from the Dominican Republic and Peru.  We never use artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors.   We like to keep things simple, just the way our chocolate forefathers intended.  Visit us at booth 428.

Cyba Stevens Management Group / Left Field Foods 430 & 432  

SPOKES are hot-air puffed potato snacks that are made with naturally simple, gluten-free, dairy-free, and non-GMO project verified ingredients. We use a special hot-air puffing process that lets us make these light and tasty snacks with only 40 calories per cup. The only oil used in the process is a gentle mist of sunflower oil so that our great-tasting seasonings stick. We always air-puff and never fry anything. The best thing is that SPOKES tastes great!  Come and have a taste at booths 430 & 432!

Cyba Stevens Management Group / Skedaddle Maple Syrup 426  

Oak Aged. 100% Pure Organic. Canadian Grade ‘A’ Syrup. Latest Technology. Unique bottle and label design. Kosher. Gluten Free.

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 Dovre Import & Export Ltd. / Cow's Creamery 941  
    COWS CREAMERY Award-Winning Cheddars are now available in multiple ages and formats. These cheddars offer a smooth firm texture with long, complex, rich and full-bodied flavours, finishing with a tangy bite. NEW 1-year, 2-year, 3-year-old Cheddars, Extra Old Shreds and Cheddar Pop crunchy bites for snacking. 
Dovre Import & Export Ltd. / Doing Chaang Coffee 949
    Our roaster picks only the world’s best Fair Trade, organic beans. We’ve chosen our two most popular blends, Hardwired and Social Medium, and made them Keurig®- compatible. Doi Chaang Coffee aroma cups are 99% biodegradable, organic, Fair Trade and 100% Arabica. Available in 12-pod boxes.
Dovre Import & Export Ltd. / Nature's Farm 945  
    Nature's Farm is proud to introduce its organic omega3 eggs and pastas at the show. Located in the heart of the Canadian Prairies, we bring farm-direct goodness to you.Our roaster picks only the world’s best Fair Trade, organic beans. We’ve chosen our two most popular blends, Hardwired and Social Medium, and made them Keurig®- compatible. Doi Chaang Coffee aroma cups are 99% biodegradable, organic, Fair Trade and 100% Arabica. Available in 12-pod boxes.
Dovre Import & Export Ltd. / Seattle Chocolate 947 
    Seattle chocolates launches a new larger-size bar line in 16 different flavours, all inspired by the Pacific Northwest in flavour and design. The bars have a 20% larger footprint on shelf and includes the distinctive, creamy meltaway centre that the brand is known for. 
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Earth's Own Food Company / Happy Planet Foods Inc. 1433   
    So Fresh Oat made by Earth’s Own is made with Canadian gluten-free oats and is dairy, gluten and carrageenan-free. With no added sugar, 4 grams of protein, and 7 essential nutrients including Calcium and Vitamin D, SoFresh Oat is quickly becoming Canadians’ new plant-based go-to!
Earth's Own Food Company / Happy Planet Foods Inc. 1433    
    Happy Planet Clean Protein is a range of 3 delicious plant based protein smoothies. These tasty new dairy free and soy free drinks contain 10g of plant based protein and only 14g of sugar.
The flavors include:
  • Fair Trade Chocolate & Coconut
  • Banana Cashew
  • Creamy Vanilla
Earth's Own Food Company / Happy Planet Foods Inc. 1433  
    Happy Planets is a new type of snack launching June 2018. A tasty and wholesome afternoon pick me up bite, made with a handful of natural ingredients, superfoods and no added sugars.
Flavours include:
  • Peanut butter with acai
  • Cranberry lime with chia seeds
  • Chocolate coconut with goji berry 
Ecoideas Innovation Inc. 1101      
    Ecoideas Whole Foods supplements are 100% certified organic and nutrition dense. A great addition to our premium distributed line of supplements, including Activation Products, Aussie Trace Minerals, Pure Labs, and Alpine MD. 
Ecoideas Innovation Inc. 1101      
    ECOIDEAS® Raw Organic Nut Butters are made with 100% Pure Cold-Stone Ground Nuts, with no added sugar, preservatives, flavours, or filler oils. This incomparably rich flavour is a great addition to our snack and beverage category along with ECOIDEAS® Organic Chocolate Spreads, Wrapioca, Kina Pops, Nuba, and All Yum. 
Eden Foods 1239      
    Combining traditional Kimchi spicy zest with the mellow savory flavor of old-world sauerkraut results in the best sandwich topping, side, or snack you could ask for. Organic cabbage is hand harvested, cored, shredded, and lactic acid fermented with EDEN Sea Salt for at least six weeks. When fermentation is complete, the all organic kimchi herb/spice medley is added. No additives.
Emuaid / Speer Laboratories, LLC 425

EMUAID® is a ground-breaking, modern homeopathic topical ointment that is approved by Health Canada. Available in regular and maximum strength formulations. EMUAID® First Aid Ointments are 100% FREE of chemicals, petrochemicals, parabens, artificial ingredients, artificial preservatives, lanolin, fragrance, alcohol and steroids. EMUAID® is never tested on animals and safe for use by the entire family. 

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Flavour Revolution Inc. & Solenzi Foods 1812   

Solenzi is a Nutritious Gourmet brand of organic artisan pastas, antipasti and sundried vegetable spice mixes called Chef’s Ingredients. The products contain high nutritional value and are free from GMO, additives and allergens. The innovative pastas are made with naturally gluten-free flours, such as sorghum, corn, rice, green pea, red lentil & chickpea, and are packed with plant-based protein, fibre and nutrient-rich superfoods, such as turmeric, beetroot, spinach & purple carrot.

Flora Manufacturing & Distributing 1321  

Looking for relief from cold & flu symptoms or for a supercharged source of vitamin C?
Get a step ahead of seasonal issues and give yourself a healthful boost with Flora’s new Elderberry Crystals & Acerola Powder. Delicious and convenient, Flora’s Elderberry Crystals & Acerola Powder are perfect smoothie boosters. Organic, non-GMO, & Vegan.

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 Genexa LLC 1244      
    Seasonal allergy sufferers can finally experience relief with Genexa's certified organic and non-GMO allergy and decongestant homeopathic medicine. With a higher concentration of active ingredients compared to other homeopathic remedies, Genexa's Allergy-D is used to help relieve nasal allergy symptoms including sneezing, runny nose, irritated eyes, itchy nose and throat and nasal congestion.
Global Suppleceutical Formulations 1440
    Vegetarian, Shelf Stable, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Acid and Bile Resistance, Encapsulated with delayed release capsules, Synbiotic Formula contains human origin probiotic strains with FOS, Strong adhesion to intestinal cell line,Source of Probiotics, Restores normal intestinal microflora after antibiotic treatment, May provide relief from IBS and IBD. May prevent gastroenteritis, C-Diff Colitis. 
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Hain Celestial Canada, ULC / Better Bean 1229  

Better Bean is a line of flavourful, refrigerated beans–fresh and ready-to-eat.  These versatile beans can be served hot or cold and are great in tacos, with eggs, or as a dip.  They are slow-cooked in small batches and are a healthy source of protein and fibre.  All varieties are Non-GMO project verified.

Hain Celestial Canada, ULC / New Sensible Portions 1229  
    New Sensible Portions® BBQ Garden Veggie Chips are deliciously seasoned chips made from real vegetables (potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkin and beets) and stacked in a convenient canister. They are non-GMO and gluten-free.
Hain Celestial Canada, ULC / Tilda 1229   
    Tilda® Sweet Chili & Lime is made with long and slender basmati grains steamed to perfection bursting with a fiery chili kick, sweet golden honey and a zing of exotic lime. Tilda® Sweet Chili & Lime gives a hint of Thai cuisine to any dish and is ready in 2 minutes. 
Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary 1713  

Used across cultures and continents for centuries the proven and intuitive benefits of mushrooms are vast and ever growing. This blend of high-quality mushrooms traditionally used in herbal medicine, has properties to support optimal health. Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps, Turkey Tail and Lion's Mane each provide unique attributes that can assist in supporting a healthy body and mind. 

Herbasante 1134      


With Red yeast rice, Co-Q10 & Serrapeptase

  • Lowers cholesterol 
  • Supports cardiovascular health
  • Protects the liver
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iLevel Mangement Inc. / La Preferida 1831
    La Preferida is a 3rd generation family owned company. We offer 250+ sku’s of traditional Hispanic items to make your authentic meal. As people eat healthier, we have seen that Organics have become a way of life and are now bringing them to the Canadian Market. Que comida La Preferida! Quality and Tradition for over 65 years.
iLevel Management Inc. / Roobar 1826  
Four to five ingredients – superfoods, dried fruits, and nuts. Roobar is organic, vegan, raw awesomeness with no added sugar, no peanuts, no soy and no gluten. Each bar is packed with superfoods to boost your body and mind with maximum nutrients. Simple and delicious. 
Indianlife Food Corporation 1155
    Indianlife® is Canada’s leading brand of all natural, all delicious “heat & eat” vegetarian and organic Indian foods, allowing you to enjoy authentic restaurant-quality meals in minutes. The rich flavours and exotic aromatic Indian spices make Indianlife the perfect way to bring healthy, wholesome gourmet Indian food into your life. Try our New Naan Chips and Sauces in pouches.
Indigo Natural Products Management / Amplify 2002  
    Grass Fed Whey Protein Bar.  Daily source of EPA  & DHA Omega-3’s.  Non-GMO.  Low sugar, high fibre, certified gluten-free, certified Kosher and actually tastes DELICIOUS.
Indigo Natural Products Management / Amplify 2002  
    Mini popcorn cakes made with 100% SkinnyPop Popcorn and just the right amount of sea salt.  NO ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS.  NON-GMO.  GLUTEN-FREE.  DAIRY FREE.  PEANUT FREE.  TREE NUT FREE.  PRESERVATIVE FREE.  NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURS.  ZERO TRANS FAT.  AND DELICIOUS!
Indigo Natural Products Management / Amy's Kitchen 2021  

Amy’s Kitchen pioneered the organic food movement since its founding in 1987 by Rachel and Andy Berliner.  The company started with one product, Amy’s Vegetable Pot Pie.   New products coming soon include Harvest Casserole Bowl, Country Cheddar Bake Bowl and Supreme Pizza.

Indigo Natural Products Management / Biovert 2028  
    BIOVERT Canadian environmentally-friendly cleaning products have been manufactured since 1984 by Savons Prolav Inc, a family business. We are proud to present our new image and the ALL NEW revolutionary household cleaning products line with probiotics. Tougher on dirt and inoffensive for humans and animals, coming to market in Spring 2018.
Indigo Natural Products Management / Blue Monkey Drinks  2005
    BLUE MONKEY Tropical Collection is a Canadian Independent Family Beverage & Snack Company with 35+ items in its product offerings. Focus is on quality, innovative products that are clean, not from Concentrate, no Preservatives and no additives. Come and sample our NEWEST Beverages, including NEW package sizes of the shelf stable Watermelon Juices at CHFA West 2018!
Indigo Natural Products Management / Frontier Coop 2006  

NEW! Simply Organic Grilling Seasons.

A certified organic go-to grilling seasoning for your favourite BBQ foods.  Simply Organic Grilling Seasons® blends were carefully crafted to complement the flavour profiles of Chicken & Steak.  Simply season and sizzle for the perfect grilled flavour!

Indigo Natural Products Management / Guru Beverage Inc. 2011  
    We believe there’s a smarter way to provide you with good energy to fulfill your greatest dreams and aspirations. Crafting GURU with natural and organic ingredients is how we do it.
Indigo Natural Products Management / Halo Top Ice Cream 2014
    America's best-selling ice cream brand is finally available in Canada, in 12 fan-favourite flavours. Each serving of Halo Top (about four servings per pint) has 80-100 calories and only 6 grams of sugar. Dig in and taste for yourself how delicious Halo Top is!
Indigo Natural Products Management / La Maison Orphee 2003  
    Soleil d’Or, was launched in 1991 and made its mark in speciality stores. We have decided to modernize its image and have new packaging for this amazing brand that offers organic and non-organic products. Soleil d’Or, the pleasure of simple and gratifying choice. We offer a line of simple high quality products at an attractive price.
Indigo Natural Products Managemeny / Pacific Foods 2010
    This versatile, plant-based beverage is made with organic and Fair Trade Certified™ cashews that support safe working conditions and sustainable growing practices in the farming communities. Its mild creamy profile is perfect by the glass and in your favourite recipes.
Indigo Natural Products Management / Patience Fruit & Co. 2038
    Our 100% pure juices, with no added sugar or water, are both revitalising and refreshing. They are simply perfect for improving your smoothies, cocktails and other favourite drinks. Come delight in the taste of our NEW 100% pure organic blueberry juice and 100% pure organic tart cherry juice at booth 2038.
Indigo Natural Products Management / Prana 1745
    All wrapped up in premium fair-trade dark chocolate; three beneficial superfoods are paired with crunchy, nutritious, organic ingredients for the perfect feel-good snack. A bite-sized indulgence, these treats also offer up a wholesome boost of goodness thanks to do-good powerhouses such as balance-restoring chia, antioxidant-packed matcha and energy-lifting maca.
Indigo Natural Products Management / ROAR Organic 2026
    A standout line of low-calorie, organic electrolyte infusions, rooted in the principle of clean hydration that feature delicious, unique flavor combinations and an artisanal aesthetic. ROAR Organic embraces the consumer’s uniqueness and aligns with their core values – health, wellness, happiness and individuality.
Indigo Natural Products Management / ROAR Kids 2026
    With 80% less sugar than the leading than the competition, ROAR Kids is re-inventing the children’s beverage market. By eliminating artificial colors, artificial flavors, preservatives & added sugars, ROAR Kids is a delicious, water-based beverage that is natural & co-branded with top Marvel®️ characters: Spider-Man, Iron Man and Captain America.
Indigo Natural Products Management / Sambazon  
    Açaí is a delicious purple berry that grows on the banks of the Amazon. Long treasured by natives for its restorative powers, açaí is widely considered to be one of the healthiest foods on the planet. We harvest our açaí sustainably, in ways that nurture and enrich the Amazon. Which means it is not only good for you; it is good for our planet. So blend a bowl or smoothie and chill out, Brazilian style.
Indigo Natural Products Management / Taste of Nature 2024  
     Taste of Nature understands Canadians want to lower their sugar intake, without comprising on taste. That’s why we’ve developed three new snack bars, each containing 5g of sugar or less - that’s up to 73% less sugar!*. Non-GMO, Gluten free and satisfyingly delicious. Find your taste of nature. 
Indigo Natural Products Management / Tranquini 2032  
    NEW Natural Relaxation Drink in 5 flavours, 355 ml can from $3.49 to $3.99.  Made with herbal extracts including green tea (natural theanine), lavender, chamomile and lemon balm.  These extracts help reduce stress and anxiety while increasing mental clarity and focus. All natural with no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.
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 Kick Stick Corporation 1120
    Kick Stick 2 in 1 Aromatherapy Stick is a portable aromatherapy product that refreshes your senses. Through its trusted Thai formula of natural essential oils, Kick Stick is the convenient aromatherapy solution that lets you take a moment and refocus and to get the most out of your day. For information call 604-331-7888 or email sales@mykickstick.com.
Koukla Delights 535      
    Koukla Delights are healthy and delicious cookies that are organic, gluten-free, vegan and paleo.  Sweetened exclusively with organic maple syrup, our cookies contain no dairy, soy, refined sugar or agave.  Koukla Delights are available in 5 delicious flavour and 2 formats, and are the perfect blend of taste and nutrition.  
 La Fourmi Bionique Inc. 1450      

Nutbrown is a delicious and healthy gluten-free product line created to respond to the many requests of consumers with or without special dietary needs. Luxurious blend of nuts and seeds, which create unique, and nourishing granolas without cereal. An alternative fulfilling breakfast or savoury snack. Slowly oven roasted, inspired from the most popular flavours in our conventional granola cereal range.

Laughing Giraffe Organics 241      
    All Natural Coconut Cookies. Made from the finest ingredients these coconut macaroon styled cookies are Plant Based, Certified Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan, Raw and Kosher. They are "Clean" without any preservatives or other additives. Product has a 10-month shelf life from production. Available in 4 Flavors; Chocolate, Lemon, Vanilla and Coffee Bean. 
LBN Brand Management / Brew Dr. Kombucha 1839  
    Every batch of Brew Dr. Kombucha is crafted from the beginning. We start with the same high-quality organic teas we serve at our Townshend’s Teahouses. Because no juices or other flavors are added, Brew Dr. is an honest and authentic 100% raw kombucha with the most naturally occurring probiotics possible.
LBN Brand Management / Califia Farms 1854  
    Califia Farms’ mission is to provide innovative and delicious plant-powered foods for a healthy lifestyle. Califia Farms makes it easy for consumers to go plant-powered and dairy-free without compromise through our award-winning Almond Beverages and Cold Brew Coffees, carefully crafted at our eco-friendly, sustainable California plant. 
LBN Brand Management / Divine Chocolate 1850
    Divine Chocolate, made with the 'best of the best' 100% Fair Trade-certified cocoa, offers something no other chocolate brand does — a business model where cocoa growers benefit from ownership of the brand itself. Experience the Divine Difference! 
LBN Brand Management / Lucky Foods 1842  
    Lucky Foods is a family food manufacturer cooking up delicious, healthy Asian foods since 1980. Years later, Lucky Foods is still creating all natural, vegan spring rolls that are individually hand rolled.
Lucky Foods has expanded their offerings to include traditional Korean favorites like Kimchi and Kimchi hot sauce.
LBN Brand Management / Maisie Jane 1846  
    Our best selling nuts are now available in value sized bags. These four new offerings feature unique and vivid packaging designed to pop right off your shelves! Packed with Pride, from our farm to your table. All our roasted nuts are Oven Dry Roasted, Never Oil Roasted or Deep Fried. 
LBN Brand Management / Pacha Soap 1851
    At Pacha Soap Co., we believe that business can free people. We make this vision come to life by investing in people to unleash their potential. We create handcrafted products with sustainably and ethically sourced ingredients to capture the hearts of your customers and expand our mission giving soap, clean water and livelihoods worldwide.
LBN Brand Management / Seasnax 1844  
    We're a mom and a dad that started out making a healthy snack for our daughter, and we are guided by the same love and care in sharing our snacks with you. SeaSnax® products are certified organic, kosher, paleo, gluten-free and is America’s first Non-GMO Project Verified seaweed snack.
LBN Brand Management / Transherb / Four O'Clock 1840  

Four O’Clock®/MD Herbalist, improves your health naturally. Canadian family business created in 1992 in the Greater Montreal Area. Our functional and traditional medicinal herbal teas are approved by Health Canada and guaranteed Non-GMO project verified. We have herbal teas available to help you manage your health and your well-being: Digestive, Vitality, Detox, Slimming, Elimination, Cold and Calm. 

LeBeau Excel Ltd. / Natural Calm Canada 507
    The latest addition to our MagTherapy line of products, Magnesium Chloride Balm improves skin while delivering fast-acting transdermal magnesium. In this emollient balm, we've combined magnesium chloride with natural coconut oil, raw shea butter and beeswax. Use it anywhere for softer skin or rub into areas of muscle pain and tension.
LeBeau Excel Ltd. / Sequence Canada 512

NEW Ageless System - Clinically proven, high-end system of nutrients that support healthy aging at the cellular level. Optimizes aging: more energy, used in Herbal medicine as an anti-inflammatory to help relieve joint pain, better cognition, supports eye health, body composition & wellness. Dropi is pure Icelandic virgin cod liver oil. Sustainably caught (hook & line), immediately processed using less invasive processes than commercial COD, maintaining the oil’s natural omegas, vitamin D &A.

Left Field Foods 430 & 432  

SPOKES are hot-air puffed potato snacks that are made with naturally simple, gluten-free, dairy-free, and non-GMO project verified ingredients. We use a special hot-air puffing process that lets us make these light and tasty snacks with only 40 calories per cup. The only oil used in the process is a gentle mist of sunflower oil so that our great-tasting seasonings stick. We always air-puff and never fry anything. The best thing is that SPOKES tastes great!  Come and have a taste at booths 430 & 432!

Living Alchemy 1230  
    Turmeric Alive provides the complete spectrum of curcumins within whole, organic turmeric that is transformed by our 35-strain kefir-kombucha fermentation process. With superior bioavailability and 1,000% more tetrahydro-curcumin, Turmeric Alive is fully activated for maximum therapeutic value. Living Alchemy is certified organic by International Certification Services Inc., and we are vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free.  
Lotus Liners 144      

Lotus Liners- The most comfortable, stylish, washable feminine liners on the planet; designed for absorbency and reliability. No harmful toxins against the skin. Come in three sizes, snap around the underwear and wash in a regular machine, not needing removers or bleach. They last between 3-5 years and have a lifetime warranty on the snap. They improve women’s health and the planet’s health.

Lyo-San Inc. 1240      
    Discover our new product: « YOGOURMET NON-DAIRY YOGURT STARTER »

Delicious homemade yogurt can easily be made with soy beverage and the Yogourmet Multi yogurt maker. Simply heat the soy beverage, add the yogurt starter and incubate for 5-6 hours. Plain, with fruits, or used as an ingredient in a recipe, non-dairy homemade yogurt will make everyone happy!
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M2 Brand Management/ Acure 401  
    Skin Wellness? Oh Heck Yeah! We provide skin wellness products to help you glow, shine and perform at your best. Because when you feel good, you look good! Purely positive skin wellness, inside and out. 
M2 Brand Management / Attitude 410 & 412  
    We have an insatiable need to innovate, inspire and improve. We are as much scientists as explorers, roaming the Earth and our homes looking for new ways to not only Live Consciously, but live better. Worry-free ingredients. Hypoallergenic. Tested in an independent laboratory. Natural. Recyclable. CO2 Neutral. Cruelty Free & Vegan. Ecologo Certified. Sustainable. Made in Canada.
M2 Brand Management / Divine Essence 417  
    Producers and importers of more than 200 essential oils of superior grade, virtually all Divine Essence® essential oils are certified organic by Ecocert.

We are recognized for our state-of-the-art research and development by government agencies—recognition that attests to the therapeutic value of Divine Essence® products: 100% natural remedies for the ills of the age and beyond.
M2 Brand Management / Green Beaver 416
    Green Beaver is a family company founded on the belief that the best ingredients come from Mother Nature. We rely on pure, natural ingredients to bring you safe alternatives to common household cleaning or personal care products. From our family to yours, we’re proud to offer products that are good for you, for the environment and for future generations.
Marsham International Food Brokers Inc. 300 - 355  
    As Canada's predominant natural products broker, our team is made up of experienced marketing professionals with a passion for healthy foods and great relationships across national natural product retailers and distributors. Come to row 300 to see the wonderful brands that we represent and meet the Marsham team.
Marsham Internatinoal Food Brokers Inc. / Amande Yogurt 343  
    amande™ - Our answer to the world’s craving for a lusciously creamy alternative for those who want to avoid dairy or soy. amande™ (French for “almond”) is the most “dairy-like” non-dairy yogurt — with no artificial ingredients or preservatives, just pure goodness. Certified Non-GMO, Fruit Juice-Sweetened, Gluten-Free.
Marsham International Food Brokers Inc. / Amazing Grass 300  
    Protein Superfood™ is an organic, all-in-one nutritional protein shake that thoughtfully combines our farm-fresh greens with nutrient-dense fruits and veggies plus plant-based protein from organic pea, chia, hemp and quinoa. Available in 4 delicious flavors: The Original, Pure Vanilla, Chocolate Peanut Butter & Rich Chocolate.
Marsham International Food Brokers Inc. / Clif Bar & Company  315
    Even when you’re between adventures, you still need a protein boost. That’s why we created CLIF WHEY Protein Bar. With 5 grams of sugar and 14 grams of protein per 56 g bar, this tasty, crispy bar is crafted with the nutritious stuff your active body craves to get you to your next adventure.
Marsham International Food Brokers Inc. / Clif Kid 315  
    CLIF Kid, from the makers of CLIF Bar, is dedicated to reclaiming “play.” We're encouraging boys and girls everywhere to get back outside, push their boundaries, and feed their adventures. CLIF Kid Zbar is an organic baked whole-grain snack made from nutritious and organic ingredients — to keep them going, growing and exploring.
Marsham International Food Brokers Inc. / DeeBees Organics  339
    DeeBee’s Organics have a brand-new look! Organic Fruit Pops! Delicious, mouth-watering, organic frozen novelties like no other. Certified Organic, non-GMO, vegan, kosher and naturally free of dairy, gluten and soy. DeeBee’s also has Organic SuperFruit Freezies, a shelf-stable, organic juice bar that’s free from anything artificial.
 Marsham International Food Brokers Inc. / Dr. Praeger's 308
    Dr. Praeger’s — a multi-generational, family-owned food company founded by heart surgeons over 20 years ago — is dedicated to sensible eating through inspired and delicious choices. Everything we create starts with no-compromise recipes, fresh ingredients and a commitment to support healthy lifestyles. Non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free and soy-free items available.
Marsham International Food Brokers Inc. / Enjoy Life Foods 332  
    At Enjoy Life, our goal is to make delicious free-from foods for the ingredient-conscious consumer and families with food intolerances, celiac disease and food allergies. New eye-catching, cohesive bright teal-colour packaging that will stand out in the Naturals aisle — “Unofficial shade of food allergy awareness” 
Marsham International Food Brokers Inc. / earth's choice 305

Trusted. Traceable. Tasty.

Each and every day at earth’s choice™, we are committed to offering the most delicious certified organic foods at the highest quality and food safety standards in Canada food your family can trust through exceptional customer service, product transparency and supply-chain traceability.

Marsham International Food Brokers Inc. / Frank T Ross / Nature Clean (DNA) 316    
    Stink Bomb Spray - 740ML – Fragrance-Free - Our Odour Remover Spray naturally destroys foul odours and unwanted smells. For laundry, fabrics and hard surfaces. This product works with the power of a mineral zinc by trapping and neutralizing odour without the use of enzymes, alcohols, masking agents like perfumes and fragrances.
Marsham International Food Brokers Inc. / Frank T Ross / Nature Clean / Lavender 316
    Lavender Moon Foaming Hand Soap 240 ml — Our Lavender Moon Foaming Hand Soap is 100% natural (USDA-certified), and created without synthetic perfumes, dyes, preservatives. Gently cleanses, moisturizes and nourishes your hands without irritating your skin. Great for individuals who have skin sensitivities or allergies, since it is made only with essential oils.  
Marsham International Food Brokers Inc. / Good Crisp, The 341
    The Good Crisp Company is an Australian company that launched into the U.S. market in 2017 focusing on the two core foundations of GOOD taste & GOOD ingredients. The products are a better for your alternative canister chip and are gluten-free, free from GMOs and made with no artificial flavours or enhancers.
Marsham International Food Brokers Inc. / Lakewood Juices 346
    Lakewood is an independent family juice company bottling a diverse line of organic and premium fruit juice products. Our mission is to deliver top-quality fruit products under the guidelines of integrity and respect for our environment. NEW Lakewood Organic Beet Juice is the perfect addition your Lakewood Juice assortment!
Marsham International Food Brokers Inc. / Late July 306  
    New Late July Snacks Bilingual SKUs! Late July launched bilingual packaging on 4 of their top selling chip SKUs, Sea Salt by the Seashore, Sweet Potato, Jalapeno Lime & Bacon Habanero! Late July Snacks are made with the highest-quality organic and non-GMO ingredients and are amazingly delicious!
Marhsam International Food Brokers Inc. / Luna and Larry's Coconut Bliss 321
    Coconut Bliss is excited to announce 2 new additions to our bestselling Dipped Bars! Look for Raspberry Acai or our Vanilla Island flavour dipped in Fair Trade chocolate. Always organic, vegan and gluten-free, Coconut Bliss is Canada's bestselling coconut ice cream. Please visit us at Booth #321.
Marsham International Food Brokers / One Degree Organics 344  
    Introducing the first traceable, organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, glyphosate-tested, and certified gluten-free Sprouted Oats. 100% traceable to the farm that grew the organic oats. Sprouted to boost nutrients and make them easier to digest and absorb. Glyphosate-tested by a third party to ensure there is no contamination from this common herbicide.
  Marsham International Food Brokers / Pamela's 325
    Graham Crackers: Snack, Munch, Dunk, S’more, Dessert and Pie Crust. Pamela’s Gluten-Free Graham Crackers are just like you remember! Verified Non-GMO and certified gluten-free. Organic Oat Up Bars: Pamela’s New Certified Organic Oat Up Bars make the perfect soft and richly flavoured snack. Perfect for mornings on the go. Alternatively sweetened with organic agave and organic date paste.
  Marsham International Food Brokers / San J 350
    San J Hoisin - Asian Cooking Sauce - Enjoy an authentic Chinese favourite at home! It is savoury, sweet and slightly salty, making it versatile. Try it as a glaze, marinade or dipping sauce. Use it in stir-fry and fried rice. San-J Hoisin Sauce is certified by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization and verified by The Non-GMO Project.
Marsham International Food Brokers Inc. / think! 349  
    A portable, nutritious bar with 20 grams of protein that’s a deliciously smart choice to satisfy your hunger. Available in four delicious flavours — Chunky Peanut Butter, Smooth Peanut Butter, Brownie Crunch and Lemon Delight.
Marsham International Food Brokers Inc. / Welo 301  
    Apple cider Vinegar drinks are a blend of our cold-pressed, organic fruits and vegetables and organic raw apple cider vinegar. It's the perfect pick-me up for your daily enzymes and vitamins while also strengthening the immune system. 5 cents from every bottle goes towards building wells in Kikima Kenya.
McLean Meats 631      
    McLean is a small Canadian company of friends and family with a mission to produce clean food products that nourish the body while supporting natural, humane and sustainable farming. We are proud to showcase our newest additions in our frozen meals category: ORGANIC GLUTEN FREE TURKEY & BEEF LASAGNAS. 
MSPrebiotic 444  
    While everyone recognizes the significance of gut health, few understand that short-chain fatty acids actually fuel the gut. MSPrebiotic® is an indigestible carbohydrate fermented by healthy bacteria to support energy production. Re-Think Gut Health.
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Natrihealth - SmartPep Canada Biological Technology Research Ltd.  633  
    At Natrihealth, we bring nature to nurture, and we have our own Research and Development team working on all natural ingredients. We are grounded in nature and science; nature to nurture is our attitude. We believe you should never have to compromise on your health products. We do not just sell products. We pride ourselves on the fact that we offer you access to a functional and holistic nutritional approach. We, in collaboration with NRC, develop flaxseed protein hydrolysate (peptide) by using aqueous extraction process.
Natural immix 1248
    Natural immix is a growing Canadian-owned and -operated manufacturer of natural products established in 2006, and heading into a plant expansion in 2018. We offer our own high-quality brand or can manufacture your own private label. Encapsulation, tablets, powders, caplets, gummies, chewables, blending, packaging bottling, labelling, graphic support — call us first for an estimate and quote.
Natural Specialty Sales / Bobo's Oat Bars 742  
    BOBO'S OAT BARS: On a rainy afternoon in 2003, Beryl Stafford and her daughter. "Bobo" baked oat bars that soon became a Boulder, Colorado café favorite. This humble oat bar has since captivated loyal fans nationwide, with no compromise to the original recipe, small-batch baking process, or mother-daughter tradition. These oat bars come in four delicious flavours. 
Natural Specialty Sales / Boulder Clean 746  
    BOULDER CLEAN: Play hard, clean easy! Impressively powerful and natural cleaning products that are safer for our homes and our planet.
Natural Specialty Sales / Covered Bridge Potato Chips 745
    Covered Bridge Potato Chips' new Crinkle Cut products are crisp and full of robust russet potato flavour. Seasoned with all natural ingredients and certified gluten free, these chips make for a great guilt-free snack. Crinkle Cut are available in Sea Salt and our new Cheddar Cheese.
Natural Specialty Sales / Flow Water 753  
    Flow is proud to introduce the world's first organic, zero calorie, naturally alkaline flavoured water in Lemon-Ginger and Cucumber-Mint. The two new SKUs are made with pure Flow Alkaline Spring Water and infused with a blend of essences and oils to create a light, fresh taste. Each organic flavour contains no juice, sugar, sweeteners, calories, preservatives, or GMOs.
Natural Specialty Sales / Fruitivity Snacks 746  
    FRUITIVITY: Make fruit fun! The only apple chips soaked in fruit juices before drying to lock in freshness and flavor!
Natural Specialty Sales / Gardein 755  
    Tasting is Believing! Gardein introduces 4 NEW protein options that you won’t believe are meat free! Our Chipotle Lime Crispy Fingers, Sweet and Tangy Barbecue Wings, Lightly Breaded Turk’y Cutlets, and Blackbean Patties are irresistible meatless dishes that are high in protein and ready in 15 minutes or less! Visit our booth and give them a try!
Natural Specialty Sales/ Goddess Garden 728  

Goddess Garden was created by Founder Nova Covington, for her daughter. In addition to our new Aromatherapy Bracelets, Bracelet Blends, and essential-oil perfumes, we offer certified-organic, reef-safe, natural mineral sunscreen, as well as certified-organic facial care. Our products are made with all-natural, botanical ingredients that are safe and effective – all designed to take chemicals out of your daily life.

Natural Specialty Sales / Good Bean, The 731
    The Good Bean launches NEW Crispy Favas+Peas! This colourful mix of favas and green peas packs a protein punch with 7g of plant protein per serving. Roasted in nutritious coconut oil, these healthy snacks are perfect to eat on the go, or to add some tasty protein to salads or stir-fry. Available in Sea Salt, Balsamic Herb and Habanero Citrus.
Natural Specialty Sales / Kind Snacks 743  
    KIND Breakfast: Mornings are hectic, but Breakfast doesn’t need to be. Start your day with energizing whole grains. KIND breakfast bars are made with a unique blend of ingredients, including five whole grains, and are served in a convenient, on-the-go pack.
Natural Specialty Sales / Made Good 739  
    MadeGood®is a line of Organic Granola Bars, Minis and Crispy Squares that are free from the common allergens and safe to send to school with the nutrients of a serving of vegetables. And now we have Mini Soft Baked Cookies and Crispy Light Granola, each with 4 flavours, to add to our lineup
Natural Specialty Sales / Nutiva 751
    Nutiva is excited to unveil the first ORGANIC liquid coconut oil in the world! Our Medium-Chain Triglyceride (MCT) Oil is extracted from organic coconuts. Unlike many non-organic MCT oils that utilize harsh chemical solvents like hexane, we use a certified organic process to remove the fats that remain solid at room temperature. Paleo-friendly and naturally gluten-free, with no filler oils.
Natural Specialty Sales / So Delicious 1550 & 1552   
    Creamy and delicious, our 100% dairy-free frozen desserts are coming out with 3 New on trend flavours that pair perfectly with our Coconut and Cashew Bases. Our products are certified Non-GMO, Kosher, Vegan, and Gluten-Free. 
Natural Specialty Sales / Stash Tea 754  
    Four exciting new flavors from Stash Tea! Sweet Honeydew, Asian Pear, Organic Rainforest Chai, and Organic Moringa Mint. Artfully crafted for pure flavor, each blend contains all natural ingredients, is Non-GMO Project verified, and Kosher certified. Plus, Stash Tea is a proud new member of the B Corp community!
Natural Specialty Sales / Thrive Tribe 746    
    THRIVE TRIBE: Join our tribe for paleo, gluten-free, grain-free, nutrient-dense and seriously TASTY snacks, bars and cookies.
Natural Specialty Sales / Udi's Gluten Free 755  
    Imagine a gluten free loaf every bit as delicious as regular bread! With unbelievable taste & texture, your sandwiches will never be the same. Udi’s Gluten Free Soft Sandwich Loaves (White & Multigrain) will be available starting March 2018.
Tasting is believing! Drop by booth #755 to try the Best Gluten Free Loaf EVER! 
Nature's Path Foods / Golden Turmeric 1051  
    Our delicious Golden Turmeric cereal incorporates trendy, superfood ingredients and is coated with a blend of turmeric, ginger, cinnamon and honey. Once you add milk (or dairy alternative), the milk turns a perfect golden colour and provides a perfectly invigorating taste to start your day!
Nature's Path Foods / Purple Bam 1051

Our delicious Purple BAM! cereal is coated with a blend of baobab, açai berry and maqui berry. These super berries have been known to hold strong antioxidant properties and give off a deep purple hue to add some BAM! to your day.

Add your milk (or dairy alternative) and watch the colour change!

Nature's Way of Canada 1001      
    Alive!® gummy multivitamins include a broad range of vitamins and minerals in
an easy-to-chew format. Alive!® gummies help in the maintenance of skin, bones and support immune function, help the body metabolize carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Full B-complex, no gelatin, gluten-free. Made in PEI Canada.
Nature's Way of Canada 1001      
    Not your grandma’s cod liver oil. NutraSea+D Cod Liver Oil contains 900 mg of EPA + DHA plus 1000 IUs of vitamin D in just one teaspoon daily. Certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) ensuring NutraSea+D Cod Liver Oil is produced only from sustainable MSC-certified fisheries. Available in lemon and tangerine flavour.
Nature's Way of Canada 1001      
    NutraVege omega-3 without the fish. Delivers a dose of 500 mg of EPA+DHA (extra strength formula 1000 mg) per teaspoon. NutraVege supplements offer a pure, balanced plant-sourced omega-3, derived from algae. Ideal for vegetarians or those who prefer plant-based omega-3. Now available in new Zesty Lemon, and soft gel format.
 Neal Brothers Foods 1711
    Make sure you keep an eye out for our new logo and packaging, complete with stunning photography and new product names. The same great flavours you love, dressed up in our new look!
New Age Marketing / Bob's Red Mill 530  
    Organic Masa Harina — A perfect pantry staple for lovers of Mexican and Latin American foods. Made from certified organic corn that’s cooked, treated with limewater and ground into a fine flour. Ideal for making tortillas, sopes and pupusas.
New Age Marketing / Earthrise Nutritionals 522   
    Earthrise Spirulina is the best-quality spirulina on the planet. Grown in California, our spirulina is filled with nutritional value. Gold Plus "C" is a natural source of vitamin A, helps maintain eyesight, immune functions, maintenance of bones and teeth. It also helps the body to metabolize fats and proteins.
 New Age Marketing / Made in Nature 525

When your taste buds shake hands with these chewy blasts of organic awe, you'll wonder why nature didn’t just come up with them itself. 

These gems, made from organic fruits, nuts and seeds are pure magic. Pop a few today — breakfast, lunch, dinner — anytime you feel the pang.

New Age Marketing / Schar 538
    We're welcoming our newest and healthiest gluten free loaf to the Artisan Baker family! The 10 Grains and Seeds is made with whole and ancient grains, and is dairy and egg free! It's the extention to the #1 selling gluten free bread in the US. 
New Age Marketing / Smartbite Snacks 541
    We are excited to announce that Smartbite Snacks is bringing brand new products to the marketplace. Our market-proven brand of premium quality organic and natural snacks will be joined by Corn Cakes with Chia, Rice Cakes with Herbs de Provence, and four kosher-certified Crispbreads. All of them organic, gluten free, Non-GMO and vegan.
New Roots Herbal 921  
    Cold & Flu is a unique formula for improved resistance to seasonal illnesses. Its botanical backbone, common andrographis — potency-validated to contain 30% andrographilides — is clinically proven to reduce the severity and duration of common cold symptoms. Cold & Flu contains nine additional botanical and medicinal mushroom extracts for enhanced immune system performance.
Newco Natural Technology 908  

Canada’s Newco Natural Technology BrainMaintain+ capsules are an ideal source of antioxidants used in herbal medicine to temporarily enhance cognitive function and performance. Each veggie capsule includes sulforaphane, curcumin, resveratrol, alpha lipoic acid, ginkgo biloba and yerba mate, to protect against free radical damage, for the maintenance of good health.

Nia Pure Nature Inc. 1047      
    Nia Pure Nature offers:
1. Certified organic and freeze-dried Moringa supplements (powder and Pullulan Veg-Cap), grown in rich eco soil in India. Nia Moringa premium quality can be observed by its bright green color, fresh flavor, and potency. Our exclusive oxidation-free packaging keeps Nia's Moringa fresh & potent for 30 months.
2. Unique organic Moringa skin care product line.
NOVA Probiotics 1114      
    Xtreme Care has been specially developed to support  gastrointestinal (GI) health. With high levels of actives cultures from 14 medicinal strains, Xtreme Care works to help restore the healthy composition and function of the gut microbiome.
NuStart Marketing Ltd. 1639, 1641, 1643, 1645, 1647, 1649, 1651, 1653, 1654, 1655
  NuStart Marketing Ltd. is a national brand management company in our 15th year of business. We selectively represent leading brands in their categories including Cholula, La Tortilla Factory, GF Canyon Bakehouse, RP’s FRESH Pasta, and plant-based Earth Island vegenaise, dressings and cheese slices / shreds. Patel’s Indian entrees and specialty mustards and horseradish from Inglehoffer / Beaver Brand are a necessity for discernign consumers. 
NuStart Marketing Ltd. 1639, 1641, 1643, 1645, 1647, 1649, 1651, 1653, 1654, 1655
  NuStart Marketing Ltd. prides itself on representing a select range of national brands including Coyote Pancake & Waffle Mix. If you care about baking and environmentally friendly products, MI-DEL gluten-gree cookies and pie crusts, Sesmark crackers, eat wholesome FOOD CO, Tempt FRESH hemp mlk. Attention to detail and product visibility are our key priorities.
NuStart Marketing Ltd. / Panos Brands 1641
    We are delighted to introduce new products from PANOS Brands®. Sesmark Mini Rice Crackers are Gluten Free Certified and perfect for snacking. Authentic Amore cooking pastes boast locally sourced Non-GMO Verified ingredients made in Italy. Celebrate the holidays with MI-DEL’s delicious Gluten Free Maple Ginger and Candy Cane Creme sandwich cookies.
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Only Oats  627, 934, 1939-B 
Introducing New Organic Product! ONLY OATS Certified Organic and Certified Gluten-Free Oats, the only double certified product in the market today! Produced through Purity Protocol and certified organic by Pro-Cert, ONLY OATS Organic Gluten-Free are 100% Canadian, safe, traceable and free-from negative ingredients. Order today through Heart Smart Foods, Nationwide Natural Foods, and PSC Natural Foods.
Orion Sales and Marketing / Ener-C 1326

Electrolyte Drink Mix to replenish essential minerals lost through sweat, and refuel your active lifestyle. Drink before, during, or after exercise so you can perform your best.

  • Rehydration Salts
  • Support Muscle Function
  • No Artificial Flacours or Colours
  • Non-GMO
Orion Sales and Marketing / Gardener's Dream 1332  
    Exfoliate your skin with this energizing scrub, gentle enough for daily use in our Citrus and Signature Scent. Made with finely group hypoallergenic pumice stone to help remove old skin, while polishing the healthy skin below. This wonderfully light and refreshing body scrub makes the perfect companion to our Gardener's Dream Citrus Body Wash.
Orion Sales and Marketing / Martin & Pleasance 1330  
    Zen Sports Spray is specially formulated to be suitable for use before and after sporting activities as needed. It contains arnica to help relieve minor injuries, such as bruises, sprains and muscle aches. It is supported by Chinese herbs to relieve inflammation and swelling. 
Orion Sales and Marketing / Sukin Skincare 1328  

Sukin Super Greens Range — A Smoothie For Your Skin!

Enter the world of superfood benefits with the Super Greens Range, derived from botanicals and antioxidants that hydrate and leave the skin glowing. Including a blend of spirulina, parsley, chlorella, goji and many more to leave a clean and revitalized complexion.

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Pasta Oggi 1747      
    Authentic Italian gluten free frozen pizzas, made in the true Neapolitan style. Our pizzas are certified gluten free as well as GMO free and peanut free. Our pizzas are made with quality ingredients, and are stone baked and hand stretched. Presenting our: Margherita, Veggitaly, Spinaci, Quattro Formaggi, and Pepperoni Pizzas, and our vegan Italian Herbs and Cauliflower Pizza Crusts.
Pranin Organic 1813      
    Pranin Organic makes 100% organic, whole-food supplement powders using only fruits, vegetables and superfoods, and are free from dairy, soy, gluten, sweeteners, flavourings and preservatives. Each product has been expertly crafted by a Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. David Wang, and features an organic multivitamin, B-vitamin complex, vitamin C, iron and prenatal multivitamin blends. 
Puresource Natural Products / Herbal Select Essential Oils 1309  
    Herbal Select's new Essential Oil line includes 10 of the most popular scents and a beautiful diffuser. Place your order at CHFA West and save 20% off on single sku's, or 25% when you order 3 units of each of the 10 skus - plus a free wooden display complete with our informative and beautiful Essential Oil booklet. 
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 Quejos Ancient Foods Inc. 815
    Our food begins with simple, wholesome ingredients, and QuesavaTM dough, made from the naturally gluten-free, vitamin and mineral-rich manioc (cassava) root. Delicious discoveries from the World Village to you. Real food without preservatives, additives, gluten, GMOs, trans fats and refined sugar. Feed your tribe with Quesava's globally inspired twist on traditional village nourishments with versatile, delicious ready-to-go and bake-at-home products.
Raw Elements Inc. / Sunwarrior 1738  
    Fuel your active life with 17-19 grams of plant-based protein. Made with healthy, organic ingredients, it tastes like sunshine and joy. If you aren’t sure what those taste like, we make it clear with our flavour lineup. Cinnamon Roll, Salted Caramel & Blueberry Blast. Sōl Delicious!
  Renew Life / Burt's Bees 923
    Burt's Bees Goodness Glow Liquid Foundation mineral makeup leaves skin smooth and radiant with a natural full coverage finish that's never heavy, cakey or greasy. 98.9% natural. Made with responsibly sourced Meadowfoam Seed Oil. Perfect for dry or combination skin. Available in 12 shades. Formulated without parabens, phthalates, SLS, petrolatum or synthetic fragrances. Dermatologist-tested. Never tested on animals.
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 Second Spring 1442      
    Second Spring is excited to announce the launch of their sprouted retail lines! Sprouted baking mixes, grain, seeds and ancient grain rice blends. 100% sprouted, clean label and all organic. Produced by one of North America's top sprouted grain suppliers.
  • Sprouted
  • Whole Grain
  • Organic 
Seely Family Farm Inc. 252      
    Seely Mint is a 4th generation family farm that specializes in growing & distilling the highest quality, Non-GMO mint oil to be used in their handcrafted mint chocolates. They use custom-crafted Fair Trade European dark chocolate and white chocolate to showcase the unique flavor of the pure heirloom mint oils. 
Severs Company Health Foods Inc. 243  
    Severs Company Health Foods Inc. was founded in 2017 by two siblings from Vancouver, Jeff and Elona Severs. Together they have launched the brand: KetoSips.

KetoSips is a line of premium, blended vegetable soups formulated to be a convenient, tasty, and healthy way to help achieve ketosis but are suitable for anyone who wishes to enjoy a delicious soup product.
Sisu 1419   
    Sisu Probiotic Kid Stiks are the newest addition to the Kid Stiks family. This unflavoured and odourless probiotic provides 5 billion kid-friendly probiotic cultures in every serving. They are non-GMO, gluten-free and can easily be sprinkled onto food or mixed into a drink. Children won’t even know they’re there! 
Spain Gourmet Canada 1815

The Gazpacho is a chilled soup of excellence. A natural, revitalizing drink which refreshes us and provides us with essential nutrients for a light meal on the go, healthy snack or appetizer.

The famous cold vegetable soup can be eaten in summer as well as in winter. It is a part of the Mediterranean diet.

SpiraVeg Foods West Ltd. 429      
    SpiraVeg’s "Odorless and Tasteless" fresh spirulina is locally grown in Calgary. Thanks to its innovative technology, SpiraVeg Spirulina is one of the highest-quality and purest spirulina products worldwide. Two formats are available: live in a jar (paste-like) or frozen live in a bag (individual cubes). 100% bioavailable, NO preservatives, NO pesticides, Non-GMO and vegan-friendly certified.
St. Francis Herb Farm 513      
    St. Francis Herb Farm continues its history of innovation and excellence with 5 new products, which include 2 Certified Organic Cough Syrups, MCT oil and the first of its kind: Liquid Ghee blended with MCT oil. Finally, we’ve added to our excellent skin care oils with Marula Oil, also certified organic.
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 TallGrass Natural Health 1209      
    Botanica (by TallGrass Natural Health) is getting a brand new look for 2018. Come see the full rebrand including updated packaging, displays and POS materials for your store. Visit booth 1209. 
Tony Waters Agencies / Brad's Organics 601  
    Brad's Organics is pleased to offer you a line of products that not only taste great, but are made with the purest ingredients. Experience a peace of mind that comes from wholesome, organic foods made. 
Tony Waters Agencies / Olds Products (Koops Mustrads) 601  
    You won't find complex chemical components in Koops' Mustards.  We use only 100% natural ingredients.  ​
Tony Waters Agencies / Prism Care Corporation / Eco-Max 606  
    No chemicals, no toxins, no harm to you or the environment. Eco-Max cleaning products are affordable, sustainable and safe. In fact, as safe as water. But wow, can they clean.
Tony Waters Agencies / ShaSha Bread Co. 601  
    ShaSha is Canada’s leading artisan bakery combining ancient techniques with innovative methods to produce nutritious, organic and natural products – an essential ingredient to a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle.
Tree of Life 1201
    Nature's Nuts is the affordable premium product! These nut butters are clean with only one ingredient, no sugar added and Non-GMO Project Verified at an accessible price.  
Tree of Life 1201      
    These delicious treats are made with real fruit, contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Naturally sweetened using no corn syrup and have no genetically modified ingredients. Easy to carry "To Go" pouches that are resealable and peggable. Product of Canada
Tree of Life 1201      
    Great-tasting candy made with real recognizable ingredients. Contains no artificial colours or flavourings, corn-syrup-free, peanut-free, tree-nut-free, gluten-free, kosher, Non-GMO, made with organic ingredients and made in a dedicated facility free of the top 10 common food allergies.
Tree Of Life 1201      
    Difatti Gluten Free Gnocchi are delicious Italian dumplings that are lovingly made in the suns oaked region of southern Italy. Expertly crafted from the finest potatoes, rice and corn flour to bring you the traditional taste and texture of gnocchi… just without the wheat.
Tree Of Life 1201      
    As a mom and grandmother, Mrs. J's goal is to create fun, wholesome delights for the entire family without compromising taste. These fruit pops are certified organic, gluten-ree, non-GMO, nut-free, kosher and free of preservatives. Available in Strawberry Mango & Orange Pineapple and Tropical Passion & Berry Blast.
Tree of Life 1201      
    A delicious, crunchy, satisfying snack made from wholesome lentils from Saskatchewan. With 16g of protein and 40% of your daily intake of iron, these convenient single-serve packs make a great on-the-go snack. 
Tree of Life 1201      
    Shiritaki noodles are thin, translucent noodles made from the konjac plant. The word "shiritaki" means "white waterfall," describing the appearance of these noodles. Largely composed of water and glucomannan, a water-soluble dietary fibre, they are very low in carbohydrates and calories.
True Natural - Lavera 1226      
    We offer certified European personal care brands following the strictest standards for ingredients, packaging and sustainability. Product lines: True Natural, Benecos, Lavera and Madara range from Skin care, Body care, Hair care, Makeup, Baby care, Men care, and Sun tan products. Service includes: Training, Testers, Demos. VISIT BOOTH 1226 FOR SHOW DEALS. 
True North Nutrition 1138 -1141      
    You can have all the great taste you love in a Snickers Protein bar with 18g of protein or in a Bounty Protein bar with 19g of protein and with less than 200 calories. If you're looking for a new and tasty way to enjoy protein, you'll love these new high protein bars! Available soon from True North Nutrition.
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UNFI / C20 Coconut Water 1221      
    Not all coconut waters are created equal. C2O® has taken extra care to select & pack what we believe to be the best tasting coconut water in the world. Our 100% pure C2O is from young green coconuts from the inland soils of Thailand. Unsweetened, Fat Free & Never from Concentrate. 
UNFI / Enjoy Life Foods 352      
    At Enjoy Life Foods, our mission is to provide food without stress, worry, or fear of ingredients. Certified Gluten Free, vegan Kosher & Halal and verified Non-GMO. Food that tastes so good, you won’t believe it’s allergy-friendly & all natural ingredients! Free-from 14 priority allergens as defined by Health Canada. 
UNFI / Field Day 1527      
    Cookies & Cereal BarsField Day organic cookies are a sweet snack you can feel good about for you and your family. Made with a rich and creamy filling, and manufactured in a peanut-free facility. For on-the-go sweet treats or pick-me-ups, try Field Day's new organic cereal bars. Ready whenever the craving strikes!
 UNFI / Field Day 1527      
    Eggs — Farm-fresh eggs from hens fed a healthy diet with grains, proteins, lipids, vitamins and minerals. Field Day delivers simple goodness from the farm to your table. Available in large and extra-large size, white eggs, brown eggs, organic and free-run eggs. 
UNFI / Field Day 1527
    Jams — Crisp apricots, tangy red raspberries, sweet ripe strawberries. Just simple, delicious ingredients in Field Day organic jam. No artificial colours or flavours here!
UNFI / Field Day 1527      
     Salsas – Liven up your pantry with Field Day salsas! Full of flavour and made with organic, non-GMO ingredients, these salsas will make any fiesta delicious and nutritious.
UNFI / Ice Age Glacial Water 741      
     One sip and you are transported to a world untouched since the Ice Age. Deep within Coast Mountains of British Columbia, water of unmatched purity is collected from ancient glaciers.  At only 4ppm total dissolved solids content, Ice Age Glacial Water is the purest water brand sold and is incredibly clean and crisp.  
UNFI / Qrunch Organics 1627      

Chef Pola Canada (National Brand Manager) is on a mission to connect natural brands with conscious consumers. Introducing Qrunch Organics to Canada.... Award Winning Qrunch Organics provides exciting new alternatives to the veggie burger category.

Our chef combined the nutty taste of quinoa, crunchiness of millet, the goodness of organic vegetables and the result is the QRUNCH Burger and Breakfast Toastable. 5 out of 8 SKUs now available in Canada and more innovative products to follow. 

UNFI / Savör 1527   

Capers, Roasted Red Peppers, Olives – An antipasti plate just waiting to happen. Introducing Savör’s organic roasted red peppers, capers and olives. These high-quality ingredients are delicious on their own or added to recipes. 

UNFI / Savör 1527   

Cheese & Crackers & Chocolate Hazelnut SpreadSavör non-GMO crackers are the perfect base for almost any topping. Try the chocolate hazelnut spread, a family favourite made with high-quality, organic ingredients, such as roasted hazelnuts, cocoa and milk. Or top with a deliciously creamy brie or camembert from Savör’s line of deli cheeses.

UNFI / Savör 1527   
    Oils & Balsamic — All-new authentic organic extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar of Modena. The olives for Savör’s EVOO are grown on a fourth-generation family farm in Molise, Italy, and processed in keeping with time-honoured traditions for a truly high-quality, authentic olive oil. 
UNFI / Savör 1527   

Tea — Only the best ingredients from carefully sourced organic plantations make it into each individually packaged bag of Savör tea. Each variety in the collection is a unique work of art evoking its distinct personality.    

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Vegan Rob's 201      

Chef Pola Canada (National Brand Manager) is on a mission to connect natural brands with conscious consumers. Introducing Vegan Rob’s  newest puffs...You don’t have to be vegan to enjoy Vegan Rob’s plant-based snacks!

Created from ingredients of this green earth, they are addicting... with a taste that is out of this world! All of our delivious and nutritious snacks contain zero trans fats and are certified gluten-free, certified vegan, and kosher. Our unique flavour lineup is sure to make your taste buds smile! 

 withinUs Natural Health 1209      
    withinUs TruMarine Collagen is an all-natural, premium select grade marine collagen peptide. Free from artificial colours, flavours, additives, preservatives, and stabilizers, it is simply the highest grade of collagen available.
Our collagen is clinically proven to have higher bioavailability than other collagen sources, meaning it is more effective in the body, and less product is required to experience benefits. 


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