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Friday February 22, 2019

Whether you’ve been selling natural health products for years or are new to the industry, educating yourself on new products hitting the market will give you a competitive edge. You’ll be better able to serve your customers, setting your store apart from other retail outlets in your area.

Product Education Sessions are presented or sanctioned by CHFA Member companies. The views expressed are the responsibility of the presenting company and have not been reviewed by CHFA. CHFA is not responsible for any information or material provided by a member company. Topics and speakers subject to change.

1:15 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.

2:00 p.m. – 2:15 p.m.    Break Sponsored by:                 

2:15 p.m – 3:00 p.m.

3:15 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

4:15 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.


 1:15 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. 

Raising Resilient Children 
Joy McCarthy, CNP
Presented by: Genuine Health
Room 202

Join holistic nutritionist Joy McCarthy as she shares the best natural health strategies for raising resilient children. Joy will discuss the importance of a solid foundation of nutrition, natural health supplements and healthy lifestyle habits in children. Resilient children will have a better ability to fight the common cold and flu, a more positive attitude and good energy to stay focused and pay attention in school.

Joy McCarthy is a holistic nutritionist and founder of, an award-winning blog focused on healthy living. She is a two-time bestselling author of Joyous Health and Joyous Detox, a World Gourmand Cookbook Award recipient. Her third book, The Joyous Cookbook, comes out in 2019. A trusted nutrition expert, Joy has been featured in hundreds of publications both online such as CNN and CBC and in print; and is a regular health expert on television including Cityline and CTV’s Your Morning. Joy lives in Toronto with her husband Walker and their daughter Vienna. Joy loves social media and shares her passion for food, family and fun as a way to channel positive energy into the lives of others. You can find her @joyoushealth on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and on facebook.

Achieving a Personalized Approach to Optimal Health Through Genetic Testing  
Robyn Murphy, ND
Presented by: Advanced Orthomolecular Research
Room 203

We are all tired of the trial and error approach to diet and nutrition, which wastes time and money. There is no one-size fits all. In the recent years, advances in genetic testing provides useful information on individual response to dietary interventions, risk for nutrient deficiencies and biochemical nuances that dictate the appropriate dose and form of certain products. Knowing this information is essential when addressing the root cause of health concerns and developing your personalized roadmap towards optional health. Join Dr. Robyn Murphy to learn how to unlock your genetic potential, looking at the most up-to-date evidence on the role of genetics in personalizing diet and nutrition strategies; disease risk and prevention, follow up testing to see the impact of your genes on your health and understanding what specific forms of vitamins are best suited for you.  

Dr. Robyn Murphy is a practicing Naturopathic Doctor in Toronto, public speaker, and researcher in the field of functional genomics, with a passion for educating both healthcare professionals and the public in advances of integrative medicine. She has a number of publications in medical journals and is currently the Clinical Research Advisor for AOR, the Medical Advisor for The IBS Academy and sits on the Scientific Advisory Board for DNA Labs Canada. Dr. Murphy holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Alberta and Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from CCNM, with advanced training and certifications in functional gastroenterology, hormone therapy (BHRT), biological medicine and advanced medical herbalism.

Probiotics as Tools to Enhance Your Natural Microbial Ecosystem

Zac Lewis
Presented by: Renew Life 
Room 204

Did you know that there are around 40 trillion microbes in and on your body, living with you in harmony? The new science of the "microbiome" has shown the many ways these naturally-occurring microbes influence our health. Dr. Lewis, who has studied these microbes for a decade, will discuss this new field and how Renew Life is building their products to take advantage of this cutting-edge information.


Zac Lewis is an R&D Scientist for the Renew Life brand. He has a Ph.D. in Microbiology from the University of California, Davis and has been awarded a prestigious Alfred P. Sloan Foundation postdoctoral fellowship. Zac is a specialist in development of probiotic and prebiotic products, and the point person for Renew Life’s clinical trials program. He has extensive expertise in Bi­fidobacterial genetics and physiology, as well as training on measuring bacterial abundances using state-of-the-art DNA sequencing techniques. Dr. Lewis has studied the effects of specialized prebiotic sugars in breast milk on the developing gut microbiome of infants.


Stressed? Trouble Sleeping? Get to the Root of the Problem
Kathy Smart, RHN
Presented by: St. Francis Herb Farm
Room 205

Stress and lack of sleep are major contributors to the health epidemic in our overworked and overtired society. Adaptogens are primary herbal allies for dealing with stress. St. Francis Herb Farm’s award-winning adaptogen formula, Strest®, was developed to help balance your body’s response to stress so that you can live your life to the fullest. Nervine herbs found in ValeriCalm® promote restorative sleep, which is a powerful remedy for stress and its effects. Join holistic nutritionist Kathy Smart to learn about plants and herbs that can improve sleep by 67 percent and the adaptogen that increases work capacity by 222 percent.

Kathy Smart is a best-selling author, TV show host, chef, nutritionist, North America's gluten-free expert, and CEO of Live The Smart Way™.  Kathy is Canada’s leading nutrition expert and go-to media source for health and wellness. She has been a guest on the Dr. Oz Show, Global News and Canada AM.

The Art of Elixir Crafting
Yarrow Willard
Presented by: Harmonic Arts
Room 206

We all know that herbs, superfoods and mushrooms have healing powers that can greatly enhance our lives and restore harmony when our health is out of balance. In this mini-intensive, we will share insight into some of the world’s top medicinally active health ingredients and show you how the Harmonic Arts hot elixir drinks are the perfect way to make the most of them. This revolutionary drinkable format goes beyond a smoothie and butter coffee, combining the best of what both these formats have to offer in a delicious and easy-to-prepare way.

As a second-generation herbalist, Yarrow Willard has spent his lifetime immersed in the world of plant medicine, continually delivering powerful content and products that blend the best of science and old-world knowledge.

Herbal Medicines for Anxiety and Sleep
Dr. Holly Lucille, ND, RN
Presented by: Terry Naturally® Canada
Room 207


According to Canadian Mental Health Association, anxiety disorders affect up to five percent of Canadian households. In addition, as many as 40 percent of Canadians are not getting enough sleep, and the effects of both on job performance and productivity are profound! Please join Dr. Holly Lucille, an acclaimed expert in the field of integrative medicine, as she explores powerful blends and botanicals in herbal medicine that can help reduce symptoms of anxiety, provide restful nighttime sleep and even reduce the time it takes to fall asleep. As an attendee, you will find your CALM and receive several take-home items too!

Dr. Holly Lucille, ND, RN, is a nationally recognized and licensed naturopathic doctor, educator, natural products consultant, and television and radio host. She is also the author of several books, including Creating and Maintaining Balance: A Women’s Guide to Safe, Natural, Hormone Health and The Healing Power of Trauma Comfrey.

2:00 p.m. – 2:15 p.m.    Break Sponsored by:                 

2:15 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Stress Less with Bach Flower Essences
Denise Eaton
Presented by: Natural/Specialty Sales – Bach Remedies
Room 202


In this enlightening presentation, Denise Eaton will introduce Bach’s line of products for acute stress: Rescue Remedy, Rescue Kids and Rescue Pet. She will talk about how to identify the causes of stress and which flower can help neutralize its effects. Who can take flower essences? How do you take flower essences? Get answers to these and other frequently asked questions. Each attendee will receive a gift bag of products and will make their personal Bach Flower blend.




Denise Eaton is a registered practitioner through the Bach Foundation International Registry. She has been employed with Nelson Bach USA, Ltd. for the past 18 years, holding the positions of Education and Regulatory Manager.


A Guide to Medicinal Mushrooms: How They Supercharge the Immune System, Heal the Body and Help Save the Planet
Dr. John Holliday
Presented by: Purica
Room 203


Medicinal mushrooms have an established history of use in traditional oriental therapies. Contemporary research has validated and documented much of the ancient knowledge. Over the last three decades, the interdisciplinary field of medicinal mushrooms studies has developed – and continues to reveal – unique and potent properties of compounds extracted from a wide range of medicinal mushroom species. Currently the field is growing into a very fruitful area of science. Modern clinical practice in Japan, China, Korea and other countries relies on mushroom-derived preparations.




Dr. John Holliday, the founder and current president of Aloha Medicinals Inc., has been elected the Vice President of the International Society for Medicinal Mushrooms, an international society for the advancement of research in the field of medicinal mycology. Dr. Holliday joins the world’s most preeminent scientists in this society.


Acid Reflux: What Goes Up Should Come Down
Thalia Charney, MA, ND
Presented by: Puresource 
Room 204

A whopping 24 percent of Canadians experiences heartburn on a daily basis. Mainstream medicine typically does little more than stick a band aid on the problem with various types of acid blockers, even though there is little evidence to suggest that excess acid is at the root of the problem. Furthermore, studies showing health risks associated with drugs such as proton pump inhibitors are piling up. In this seminar, Dr. Thalia Charney explores causes such as low stomach acid, controversies surrounding a related problem called H. Pylori, as well as a plethora of new potential and traditional natural treatments.

Dr. Thalia Charney is a naturopathic doctor, public speaker and the author of the recently published book, The Confident Food Shopper: The Guide to Food Labels and Fables. As the Nutrition and Health Education Manager at Puresource (NOW Health Group Canada), she illustrates how natural health products can support optimal health and wellness. 



Strong Brain. Strong Body
Alan Jones
Presented by: Peak Performance Products - Brain Armor
Room 205

It’s time to pay attention to our brains! In this session, Alan will discuss the results of having a broken brain as well as the seven pillars of optimal brain health: diet and supplements; exercise; sleep; mental stimulation; social interaction; mental fitness and “what's your O3I?” Why wait until the brain is broken? Attend this presentation to find out what your customers can do now.

After graduating with a degree in Kinesiology in 1991, Alan Jones went on to earn his Masters of Science Degree in Human Nutrition with a specialty in Nutritional Biochemistry. His desire to have a deep understanding of individual nutrients and their potential benefits to the human body have led to the development of more than 2,000 formulas during his 25-year career as a product formulator and manufacturer. His formulas combined have generated revenues of more than $10 billion USD for his customers. Jones’ products have been sold in major retailers such as Costco, Walmart, CVS Drug, 7-Eleven, GNC, Albertson’s, Kroger, Walgreens and many others.

Bust Stress and Balance Hormones with Nutritionist Julie Daniluk
Julie Daniluk, RHN
Presented by: Nature's Way of Canada
Room 206

Recent scientific discoveries have confirmed that there are powerful foods and herbs that can help us attain hormonal harmony. Learn how to reduce the stress response to improve sleep and increase joy. Explore sound strategies to reduce adrenal exhaustion, PMS and support healthy thyroid function. Leave refreshed and engaged with an easy-to-follow plan for weight, energy and mood balance.

Nutritionist Julie Daniluk is the author of the bestselling books Hot Detox, Meals that Heal Inflammation, and Slimming Meals That Heal. She is the nutritionist and co-host of reality cooking show Healthy Gourmet (Oprah Winfrey Network) and in-house nutrition expert on the Marilyn Denis Show (CTV). Connect with Julie @JulieDaniluk on social media and at

Skin Relief from Head to Toe
Cyril Meyre, ND
Presented by: Herbasante
Room 207

Get to the root of the problem. Put your skin at ease! Your skin is your first line of defense, and it deserves special care. When a skin condition is present, the skin barrier is weakened. A healthy skin barrier is key to healthy, balanced skin. It prevents allergens, bacteria and irritants from penetrating into the body.

In Canada, between two and five million people have eczema, and an estimated 15 to 25 percent of children are affected by it. Eighty-five percent of these children will have eczema before the age of 5 years and 40 percent of them will continue to have eczema into adulthood.

Simple solutions will be shared in this comprehensive presentation.

Cyril Meyre is a naturopath with 15 years’ practice. In his consultations, he uses various holistic tests including live blood analysis and iridology. Hypnosis allows him to complete holistic treatments to target causes other than physical. Cyril also works as a research and development consultant for Herbasante. In addition, he is a speaker and trainer, with a clientele of various healthcare practitioners across Canada. Last but not least, Cyril teaches at the Naturopathic School in Montreal.

3:15 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. 

Breaking New Research on the Effects of Symbiotic-Fermented Soy and Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Graham Botfield
Presented by: Living Alchemy
Room 202

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) is one of the fastest growing chronic conditions in Canada today, with over 10,000 people newly diagnosed every year. At present there is no known cure.

Unfermented soy contains a unique composition of nutrients that can cause inflammation of the intestinal lining. Paradoxically, when soy is fermented using traditional and symbiotic methods, the nutrients act quite differently on the digestive tract.

Learn how our symbiotic-fermented soy affects the key markers associated with IBD. We’ll also share our “hot off the press” research showing the physical change on the intestinal lining after six months of consuming these products.


Graham Botfield is the founder and formulator of Living Alchemy, a new Canadian company producing innovative kefir-kombucha fermented formulas. He has 12 years of experience as a nutritional therapist, lecturer and researcher.


Iron Deficiency: Discover the Power of Absorption
Dr. Mary Nagai, MD Ph.D. 
Presented by: Platinum Naturals
Room 203

One in five Canadian women deal with the debilitating effects of iron deficiency. Low energy, fatigue and trouble concentrating are symptoms that can have serious effects on how you feel and approach life every day.

Join Dr. Mary Nagai to discuss the challenges of low iron, and choosing the right supplement for optimal absorption and blood-building results. Additionally, uncover the latest findings that are linked to iron deficiency, and help your customers find solutions while reducing the unwanted *ahem* side effects. 

All attendees will receive a complimentary gift.

Dr. Mary Nagai, MD Ph.D. is the director of Medical and Scientific Affairs at Platinum Naturals and holds an MD, Ph.D. from the University of Toronto. A scientist at both the University Health Institute and the U of T Faculty of Medicine, with over 16 years of experience as a clinician-scientist and advocate for natural integrative medicine.

Supercharge Your Endocannabinoid System
Charlotte Traas
Presented by: New Chapter
Room 204

Scientific research on the endocannabinoid system in our bodies has exploded in recent years. This system of lipids, enzymes and cannabinoid receptors has been shown to play key regulatory roles in our memory, stress response, metabolism and sleep. But what can you do to boost the effectiveness of your endocannabinoid system? Come learn how common foods, herbs and supplements can supercharge this system for both you and your customers.

Charlotte Traas is the Director of Sales Education and Training at New Chapter, Inc. Charlotte began her career teaching at a medical college in Saint Louis, Missouri. Recognizing that Western medicine may be enhanced by natural traditions established in Eastern medicine, Charlotte studied herbs and mushrooms in Japan and China for three years. A consummate student, Charlotte has been studying natural alternatives for health for the past 15 years under some of America's most notable herbalists and naturopaths. A passionate advocate and spokesperson for natural healing techniques and remedies, Charlotte is currently working to help further educate on the repercussions of GMOs in the United States and offers alternative health solution seminars on women’s health.

Power Your Sales with Iron - A Category Set to Double by 2025
Cheryl Grant, CEO & Owner
Presented by: Vitality Products Inc.
Room 205

Despite a large selection of iron supplements available to consumers, anemia remains one of the most severe nutritional deficiencies in Canada. Worldwide, sales of iron products reached over $3 billion in 2015 and are expected to double to $6 billion by 2025, with almost 40 percent of sales occurring in North America. Join us to learn about iron deficiency and how VITALITY® Power Iron + Organic Spirulina is increasing customer’s iron levels with its unique formulation. It’s time to offer your customers an iron solution to change their health. VITALITY® Power Iron + Organic Spirulina™ is the recipient of a Clean Choice Award and an alive Award for Favourite Women’s Product.

Receive a free VITALITY® Power Iron + Organic Spirulina™ and an exclusive discount for store orders.

After growing up with VITALITY at an early age, Cheryl Grant has always been a natural health advocate. Now, as the CEO and owner of the company, she educates and shares her passion for wellness to inspire others to live healthier, happier lives. 

Learn to Love Your Liver with Dr. Terry Willard!
Terry Willard, Cl.H.,Ph.D
Presented by: Garden of Life - Wild Rose
Room 206

Do you want to know more about Phase 1 and Phase 2 Liver D-tox? Should you start with the Wild Rose D-tox for your whole body or the New Liver D-tox from Wild Rose? Dr. Terry Willard is your herbalist with over 40 years of directing conscious consumers about how to D-tox to achieve optimal results. Come join us for a lesson on the pathway to detox with Wild Rose Herbals.

For over forty years, Terry Willard, Cl.H.,Ph.D., has studied the medicinal properties of plants. He is recognized as one of North America’s leading Clinical Herbalists. He appears regularly in the print and electronic media as an exponent of responsible herbal use. He is the past-president of the Canadian Association of Herbal Practitioners, a professional member of the American Herbalist Guild and in the Canadian Health Food Association’s Hall of Fame.


Thyroid Disease: the Silent Epidemic of Our Time
Eldon Dahl
Presented by: Life Choice Ltd.
Room 207

Come and discover Thyrodine® thyroid gland, nothing short of an NPN miracle product license. The importance of the thyroid gland cannot be overestimated. Learn what the #1 prescription drug in America is, and why women are five to eight times more likely than men to be affected. Low thyroid function affects 20 to 25 percent of the female population, and one in eight women will develop a thyroid condition in their lifetime. This training will delve into the sudden global rise in thyroid disease and recommend what can be done.  

Eldon Dahl, doctorate of Natural Medicine, founder and CEO of Life Choice Ltd., has three decades of experience in the field of naturopathic medicine and the natural health industry. Eldon specializes in anti-aging research and chronic disease treatments. As the company formulator, he personally sources all the raw materials used, thus ensuring therapeutic results.


4:15 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

It's About Time! The First Aluminum-Free Natural Antiperspirants!
Alain Menard 
Presented by: The Green Beaver Company
Room 202

After many years of formulation and clinical research, The Green Beaver Company is proud to introduce the first aluminum-free natural antiperspirants to Canadians. Up until now all antiperspirants worked by blocking the sweat ducts with chemically treated poly-aluminum complexes such as aluminum chlorohydrate and aluminum zirconium. A few studies in recent years have theorized that aluminum-based antiperspirants may increase the risk for breast cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. This may explain in part why a recent survey showed that two-thirds of Canadians expressed interest in switching their usual antiperspirant product for a natural alternative.

Please join us to learn more about Green Beaver’s new aluminum free natural antiperspirants. 


Alain Ménard, microbiologist, co-founded The Green Beaver Company with biochemist Karen Clark. They were both appalled by the amount of chemicals found in kid’s shampoos, bubble baths and other products. With their new family in mind, they decided to do something about it. They left the pharmaceutical and pesticide industry behind to create healthier natural products. Alain regularly gives seminars on the potential health risks and environmental hazards associated with the chemicals found in everyday personal care products.

Wake Up to Better Sleep
Nicola Anderson, RHN 
Presented by: Vega
Room 203


Join educator and holistic nutritionist Nicola Anderson as she wakes you up to a better night’s sleep.  Learn what’s keeping you up at night and how you can improve your own sleep routine. 

Sleep is an essential part of well-being and Nicola will share how plant-based nutrition & simple lifestyle changes can get you waking up on the right side of the bed.  


Nicola Anderson is a Holistic Nutritionist and an Orthomolecular Practitioner who works at Vega as an Educator. She spent most of her life on stage and in the Film/TV industry both in Canada and the US. Her segway into nutrition grew after having dealt with her own health challenges. As a cancer survivor she understands the impact nutrition has on the body which fuels her desire to empower people take control of their own health. As a nutrition coach and health educator, Nicola can be found cooling off on her road bike or getting her sweat on in the hot yoga room. Nicola’s approach to nutrition is through empathy and humor and she believes that even the smallest of changes can have huge impacts.   

The Safety and Efficacy of Using Silver in the Modern Age
Dr. Keith Moeller
Presented by: iLevel Management Inc. - Silver Biotics
Room 204

New science is available on the safety and effectiveness of nano silver for health and wellness. Millions of dollars have been invested in hard science to bring the use of silver to new levels of understanding. Come see and hear the latest on the science of using silver as a first line of defense for the health and wellness of your family. It’s time to bring an end to the myths of silver and replace them with real information, because in the end only real science matters!


Dr. Keith Moeller is CEO of American Biotech Labs and has nearly 30 years of experience working in the silver industry. Keith holds a B.S. in Business Management, Finance and International Business from Brigham Young University. He’s also a Certified Natural Health Practitioner and holds a Doctorate in Naturopathy. He has co-authored many papers on silver, several of which are peer-reviewed and published.


Keeping It Clean and Green. An Exploration of the Natural and Organic Cosmetics Market
Tony Rechtman
Presented by: Inika Organic
Room 205

In this session, Tony will present the natural and organic cosmetics market along with global market growth and trends. What makes an organic and natural beauty product special? How are organic beauty products made? What are the challenges of creating natural and organic beauty products? Can natural beauty really perform? What is the difference between organic and certified organic? How green is green beauty? Tony will answer all these questions and help you decipher marketing claims for consumers while showing what makes INIKA Organic different from other beauty brands.


After identifying a gap in the market, Tony Rechtman launched Total Beauty Network (TBN) to challenge the notion that affordable and natural cosmetics could not achieve the same quality standards as other high-end brands. 10 years on, TBN now has 4 successful and unique brands, selling in excess of 2 million products globally each year.



Vitamin K2 – A Missing Link in Our Diet
Thies Ripcke 
Presented by: Purica - Kappa Bioscience AS
Room 206

To live a long and healthy life, strong bones and a strong heart are essential. With our aging population, osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases are increasingly becoming issues. The latest science shows that vitamin K2 MK-7 is the missing link in our diet which can help our body to fight osteoporosis and osteoarthritis at the same time. Vitamin K2 MK-7 helps to deposit calcium in the right places (bones and teeth) and helps to increase the flexibility of the arteries by reversing calcifications (osteoarthritis) in our body.

Unfortunately, a large part of the population has a lack of this superhero vitamin. With the vegan formula Iconicbone, Purica is delivering three key nutrients for strong bones: a plant based calcium, vegan vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 as MK-7. 


Thies Ripcke is a Hamburg, Germany based Senior Sales Manager for Kappa Bioscience. He brings a broad base of expertise from the food and dietary supplements industries, including over six years' specialization in minerals, food and pharmaceutical salt, and vitamins D3 and K2 MK7. Working globally, his sales role also spans formulation, product development, galenic, analysis and consulting on successful K2 products.

Are Plant-Based Approaches to the Microbiome and Gut Health More Effective Than Probiotics?
Omar Cruz
Presented by: Peak Performance Products – The Himalaya Drug Co.
Room 207

In recent years, outcomes with studies focusing on probiotics have been met with major disappointments as their limitations have been continually illuminated in large scale studies. However, these limitations have brought back to mind the famous edict “let your food be thy medicine.” Following this tenet we set out to see if a traditional Ayurvedic formula could impact the biome not simply in  terms of strains but with entire families and phyla.  


Omar Cruz is a botanical researcher, clinical herbalist, educator and author with over 20 years of experience in his field. He combines traditional Western herbalism, Tibetan Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine in seeking to treat the whole person. Omar has authored several text books and has been invited as lecturer and teacher to many medical universities. He’s also been a guest speaker at numerous symposia domestically and abroad.