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TallGrass - Natural Health Product Educator

Calgary, Alberta

On July 7, 2017

About Us:

Founded in 1997, TallGrass is a Vancouver-based manufacturer and distributor of whole food supplements and natural beauty products. Our company philosophy is to bring natural health and wellbeing products to progressive retailers and consumers while upholding values of environmental and social responsibility. The keys to our success are our commitment to excellent customer service, expert logistics, and product education both at the retail and consumer level.

Mission/Job Summary:

TallGrass is seeking a part-time Natural Health Product Educator for the Calgary region. This is a part-time contract position which involves the development of training materials, public presentations, product education, online webinars and occasional blog requests.

A TallGrass educator is a resource for account managers and retailers. The educator educates on TallGrass' key supplement brands, and provides information above and beyond the standard product knowledge level. A TallGrass educator also participates in ongoing monthly meetings & offer useful feedback to the Education team.

Critical Success Factors:

  • Excellent product knowledge on the brands in question- (we provide that training)
  • Excellent knowledge on health & well-being from a holistic standpoint
  • Provide informative and inspiring trainings to retailers & consumers
  • Be able to speak to and engage both a retailer and consumer audience, rather than a more scientific one
  • Provide impactful seminars that ultimately lead to an increase in sales


  • Effective public speaker, teacher or educator with experience
  • Designated Natural Health practitioner or clinician
  • Strong communication skills
  • Organized, friendly and approachable
  • Works well independently
  • Natural Health retail experience- an asset
  • Social media following- an asset
  • Passionate about Natural Health Products and the Natural Health Industry

Please email your resume to Attn: Education Manager