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Foodsmiths Natural Food Store - Store Manager

Perth, ON

On May 8, 2018

About Us:

Foodsmiths is a natural food store in a bustling market. We've been around for over 40 years, and we are an established brand in Eastern Ontario.

Our location in the beautiful and historic town of Perth has given us the incredible opportunity of developing close relationships with small, local farmers and food producers from all around our area, and the potential is growing exponentially!

We are amazed by the diversity of entrepreneurs out there, and the strength of this growing market. Foodsmiths is the 'go-to' destination for local food products.

We're excited about our future, and the future of natural food retailing, and our unique selling advantages in a changing market.

Job Description

We are a seasoned team of great people who are geared up for success. We need a hands-on Store Manager who excels at human resources and inventory control, communicates well with customers, co-workers and suppliers, is very organized and understands the independent retail market.


  • Experience in human resources.
  • Experience in retail store management.
  • Experience in inventory control and working with suppliers.
  • Ability to work day to day and sometimes hour to hour in an ever-changing retail space.

We've kept our qualifications brief because we want to know if you shine with potential! You've read our description and what we think our future will look like. Interested? Send us your CV at