Proposed Regulatory Changes for Natural Health Products

In September 2016, Health Canada proposed changes to the way natural health products could be regulated. From April to June 2017, many concerned consumers and members of the natural health product industry attended several rounds of Health Canada’s in-person, cross-country consultations, to learn about the proposed changes and voice their concerns.

In February 2018, after considering feedback heard during 2017, Health Canada announced their revised approach to the framework, which includes a three-phase, multi-year plan. In the short term, another round of consultation is expected in the fall of 2018. This consultation will focus on amendments to the Natural Health Products Regulations to change how NHPs are labelled. Details are not available currently, but it is expected that the proposal will include the use of a facts table on the product’s label as well as an outline for providing product information in a clearly displayed way and plain language.

Next Steps

Further information on the three-phase approach can be found here. Continue to check this page for updates. 

Current NHP Regulation

NHPs have been regulated under the Natural Health Products Regulations since 2004. The regulations require products to be assessed for safety, efficacy and quality, and pre-approved for sale in Canada. Site licences are also required for companies manufacturing, importing or distributing NHPs.

By virtue of the pre-market approval system, Canada is a global leader in regulating NHPs, ensuring that safe, effective and high-quality products enter the marketplace without the undue restriction of consumers’ freedom of choice. Our goal is to ensure that the strong elements of the existing regulations remain in place as Health Canada explores ways to change how all self-care products are regulatedClick here to learn more about the existing NHP Regulations.