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Consulting Canadians on the Regulation of Self-Care Products in Canada

Health Canada has recently launched a proposal called the Consulting Canadians on the Regulation of Self-Care Products in Canada, which proposes changes that could significantly alter the way natural health products are regulated, and impact many of products you use on a daily basis. We've compiled some frequently asked questions below to help you understand the impact this new proposal could have.

Licensed NHP Database

Consumers wanting to learn more about a particular natural health product (NHP) can use Health Canada’s Licensed Natural Health Product Database. This database contains information about NHPs that have been issued a product licence by Health Canada. To use it, simply enter the eight-digit Natural Product Number (NPN) found on a product’s label. Using this database will grant you access to useful information for each product, such as:

  • product brand name;
  • product licence holder;
  • product's medicinal ingredients;
  • product's non-medicinal ingredients;
  • product's dosage form;
  • product's recommended use or purpose (i.e. its health claim or indication);
  • And risk information associated with the product's use (i.e. cautions, warnings, contra-indications and known adverse reactions).

The information that appears in this database is updated daily and the website includes a User Guide to help consumers navigating it. You will also find a Terminology Guide to help you understand the words and terms used within the database. 

For more information and to access the Licensed Natural Products Database, click here.

Natural Health Products Ingredients Database

The Natural Health Products Ingredients Database is a repository of scientific terminologies and pre-cleared information approved by the Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate (NNHPD).

This database provides detailed information about approved medicinal and non-medicinal ingredients, as well as NNHPD monographs and abbreviated labelling standards.

The information you will find in the database includes:

  1. Medicinal ingredients;
  2. Non-medicinal ingredients;
  3. Non-natural health product ingredients (not allowed as medicinal ingredients in natural health products or under specific restrictions);
  4. Selected single-ingredient NNHPD monographs and selected single-ingredient abbreviated labelling standards (AbLS);
  5. Ingredient details relevant to their type (for example, Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) numbers for chemical substances, organism parts and preparations for organism substances, etc.);
  6. Medicinal, non-medicinal, and non-NHP ingredient restriction details; and
  7. Controlled vocabularies that represent a standard for the electronic transmission of core sets of natural health product information (e.g. lists for dosage forms, route of administrations, ingredient categories, organism parts, organism preparations, non-medicinal purposes, etc.)

For more information and to access the Natural Health Products Ingredient Database, click here.

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All of this information, and more, is available on Health Canada’s website here