CHFA Supports Red Tape Reduction

On January 28, 2014

The Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) today is applauding the government’s progress on the implementation of its Red Tape Reduction Strategy. CHFA and its predominantly small and medium-sized members across Canada support this important initiative, and are pleased with the progress announced today by Treasury Board President Tony Clement.

“The government’s Red Tape Reduction Commission recognized the long-time concerns of natural health product retailers and suppliers that red tape is killing both Canadian innovation in NHPs and thousands of jobs in an industry that contributes more than three billion dollars per year to the Canadian economy,” said Association President, Helen Long. “The Commission’s original report contained five specific recommendations related to the regulation of NHPs. We applauded this focus at the time of the report, and support the efforts of Minister Clement to implement them since then.”

The Red Tape Reduction Commission contained extensive recommendations calling for the smart regulation of NHPs. Its recommendations included, inter alia, “a move to more proportional oversight based on risk.”  CHFA along with its 1,000-plus members are calling for collaborative action with Parliamentarians to establish an action plan for an efficient and predictable regulatory environment for NHPs to ensure the future health of Canadians.

“What our industry needs is a reasonable long-term approach to regulation that takes into account the low risk profile of NHPs,” continued Long. “The government’s focus on the reduction of red tape has already made an important impact on our and many other industries, but there remains much work to be done. CHFA and its members stand ready to support the government in its efforts to further reduce the red tape burden on Canadian business, and to allow them to focus on innovation and job creation instead of administration.”