CBD is widely available through licensed recreational cannabis stores and a thriving illicit market. However, CBD products sold through these channels do not contain important health and product information, which is critical to keeping Canadians safe.

In July 2022, The Science Advisory Committee on Health Products Containing Cannabis published its report. This report did not change the legal status of CBD but outlined some important recommendations, including a safe dosing schedule for CBD and an openness for CBD to be regulated under a framework like the Natural Health Product Regulations.

While these recommendations may seem like progress for our industry, it is not a clear win, with many of the recommendations failing to consider the current realities of the wide availability of CBD in the marketplace.

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Current Advocacy Efforts

Regulating CBD under the Natural Health Products Regulations  will enhance accessibility to regulated CBD-containing products for Canadians and unlock growth opportunities for the NHP industry. For a comprehensive understanding of the subject, we encourage you to review the CHFA advocacy letters provided below.

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