In October 2020, Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) unveiled a series of proposed measures to achieve the government's objective of zero plastic waste by 2030. Among these measures was the proposal to ban or restrict certain single-use plastics.

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Current Advocacy Efforts

CHFA actively participates in a Trade Association Working Group focused on sustainability and maintains continuous engagement in upcoming opportunities for consultations and advocacy that directly impact our members. Some key updates and actions include:

  • In spring 2023, ECCC published a proposed regulatory framework on recycled content and labelling. CHFA promptly submitted Feedback on the Recycled Content and Labelling Rules for Plastics: Regulatory Framework Paper in May 2023. ECCC intends to review the feedback received from stakeholders and subsequently release draft regulations on recycled content and labelling in Canada Gazette, Part I, allowing for public comment before the end of 2023. The final regulations are targeted for publication in Canada Gazette, Part II, by the end of 2024.
  • Additionally, ECCC released a proposal for the plastics registry in Spring 2023. CHFA actively participated by providing feedback on the Federal Plastics Registry Consultation in May 2023. The next steps involved the targeted publication of a draft section 46 notice, also known as an information gathering survey in Canada Gazette, Part I. ECCC published a notice of intent to issue a Section 46 notice for the Federal Plastics Registry in December 2023 with respect to quantity and types of plastic products manufactured, imported and sold in the Canadian economy. CHFA participated by providing a feedback letter on the consultation.
  • ECCC published a new consultation paper in August 2023, covering targets for the reduction, reuse, redesign, and recycled content of primary food plastic packaging. This notice would set requirements for Canada's largest grocery retailers to prepare and implement a pollution prevention plan (P2 plan), aiming for zero plastic waste from primary food plastic packaging. ECCC is planning to have further consultations in Fall 2023 with stakeholders. The final notice is expected to be in Canada Gazette I  by Fall 2024. CHFA actively participated by providing Feedback on the Primary Food Plastics Packaging Consultation in August 2023.

Through these proceedings, CHFA strives to contribute valuable input and insight to the ongoing discussions surrounding the labelling of recycled content and developing a plastics registry. These efforts align with our commitment to support our members and work towards achieving reasonable sustainability targets.

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