Guide to Requesting an ITC

Step-by-Step Guide to Requesting an ITC

Applying for an International Trade Certificate with CHFA is quick and easy. Simply follow the step-by-step guide below. If you have any questions about the ITC program, please contact: Applicants that are new to the ITC process are encouraged to contact CHFA to discuss specific ITC requirements.

1. Determine which type of ITC you require (International Trade Certificates for Natural Health Products or International Trade Certificates of Good Manufacturing Practice Compliance).

2. Select and download the appropriate form.

3. Fill in all of the required information.

For ITCs for NHPs, complete the following sections: 

    • Exporter Information;
    • Product Information;
    • Site Information.

For ITCs for GMP Compliance, complete the following sections: 

    • Site Licence Holder Information;
    • Site Information.

4. An authorized company official must prepare a cover letter on company letterhead that attests that the information provided in the application(s) is accurate and truthful. The letter should also outline the following:

    • The number of ITCs requested, providing the requested number of copies;
    • The specific product(s) and country/ies destined for export, (for an ITC for NHPs);
    • Any special requirements of the destination countries;
    • The company's membership status with CHFA;
    • Sign and date the letter.

At CHFA's discretion, the company may also be requested to have the attestation letter sworn before a Notary.

5. Scan the document(s) (if sending via email). If sending your application by email, attach the ITC application form in a Microsoft Word document.

6. In your package to CHFA, you are also required to include a copy of your valid and most recent Site Licence.

7. Email your signed documents to: with the subject line "ITC Application Forms" or mail a copy to:

Canadian Health Food Association
235 Yorkland Blvd, Suite 201
Toronto, ON
M2J 4Y8

8. Correct payment must be provided to CHFA in full before certificates can are processed. For information about fees and payment options, please refer to our Timelines and Fees  page.