Health Canada's Healthy Eating Strategy

Health Canada's Healthy Eating Strategy

Health Canada has developed a strategy to improve the food environment to make it easier for Canadians to make healthy choices. The main objectives are to enhance the nutritional quality of foods, improve healthy eating information, and to protect vulnerable populations.

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In January 2019, Health Canada published Canada's new food guide to provide consumers with dietary information based on more up to date scientific research in the area of nutrition. In addition to disseminating these messages to Canadian consumers these key messages are expected to be prominent in upcoming food regulatory policy initiatives.

Most notably for our industry is:

  • Reducing intake of highly processed foods, packaged foods and restaurant foods, and encouraging Canadians to cook more often due to high sugar, fat or sodium content in packaged food products.
  • Choosing whole grains such as oats, rye, quinoa, wheat and rice.
  • Choosing plant-based protein such as lentils, soy product, nuts, seeds and beans.
  • Making water the drink of choice and encouraging Canadians to choose water over sugary high calorie dense drinks.
  • Encouraging Canadians to read food labels to help make healthy choice.
  • Warning Canadians about food marketing that can influence their food choices.

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