Pragmatic Conferencing

Unified Meeting X (UMX) is Pragmatic’s flagship video product. UMX is the most secure, cost effective, robust and easy to use video conferencing platform on the market today!

Here are some of the value-added features that sets UMX apart from Zoom or anything else on the market today:

  • WebRTC full encryption  (highest level of security)
  • Free toll-free teleconferencing!
  • Direct Account Management
  • Full on-boarding and training
  • No downloads!
  • Free recordings and unlimited storage (no fee)
  • No downloads!
  • More ways to connect – browser, S4B, video endpoints etc

The cost for an active user UMX video license is only $16/mo, for unlimited use with no other fees or charges of any kind! The best part is, once the license is set up, you only pay for the months you use it!

Find out here how you can have Flawless Meetings with No Downloads and No Contracts.

Contact: Mike Sanders to find out more today! 1-866-746-5282 | (416) 642-9277

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