We’re the voice of the natural, organic and wellness industry in Ottawa. Through legislative and regulatory advocacy, CHFA works to educate Government on regulatory impacts in our industry while positively pushing for greater business support for our members and proactive health options for Canadians.

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New Labelling Regulations

We are asking Government to fix NHP labelling, and the inflexible guidance proposed by new labelling regulations. These restrictive and costly label changes will negatively impact profit margins, cause packaging sizes to double, and beyond current supply chain challenges, further limit product availability while hurting competition, innovation, and new product offerings.

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Cost Recovery

The implications of cost recovery to our industry could be drastic, and Canadian businesses could see profit losses with increased costs of products for consumers. We are working with aligned organizations, members and Ottawa to delay or eliminate cost recovery until a proper plan or proposal is presented to industry.

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Vanessa’s Law

As part of the Self-Care Framework initiative, Health Canada has suggested extending the use of Vanessa’s Law to natural health products. We’re pushing back as the upcoming requirements for reporting under Vanessa’s Law will put additional unnecessary regulatory burdens on industry.

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We’re pushing government to regulate CBD under Natural Health Products Regulations to provide Canadians with greater access to regulated CBD-containing products.

CBD is a NHP 

Supplemented Foods

We believe there is a lack of reasonable upper tolerance limits for certain supplemental ingredients found in Part IV of the List of Permitted Supplemental Ingredients.

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Food Regulatory Modernization

We’re advocating for agile regulatory change that can keep pace with advancements in science/technology, environmental changes, and an increasingly complex global food system. Starting Spring 2023, CHFA will be working with government to improve Part B of the Canadian Food and Drug Regulations. 

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We’re participating in a Trade Association Working Group focused on sustainability and will keep our members up to date on what might impact their business.

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