Exhibitor Success

Five Steps to A Successful Exhibit

We know there is lots to consider when planning an exhibit and to help everyone prepare for the show we’ve identified Five Steps to a Successful Exhibit.  Whether you are a seasoned show professional or a first-time exhibitor, these tips will help you and your team prepare for the show. 

As a friendly reminder to all exhibitors – we have a committed team of Official Show Service Providers to support you as you prepare for the show!  If you have questions or creative ideas you would like to explore, please don’t hesitate to call any of the Official Show Services Providers.

Step One - Promotion

We are promoting CHFA East through a variety of targeted channels. As an exhibitor, you need to develop a strategic plan to draw this traffic to your booth.  The easiest way to promote you presence is to share the complimentary Retailer Invite.  This invitation will be emailed to you in the late November and you can leverage the discount code on the invite to create pre-show buzz for your new products, show specials and booth activities. Be sure to distribute the invite prior to the deadline date as you don’t want your retailer customers to be disappointed that they’ve missed out on the complimentary registration offer.

Never forget you are competing with thousands of products on the show floor and think beyond your current contact list. Participating in CHFA’s marketing opportunities is a great way to reach past show attendees and elevate your presence onsite. Contact us for most recent availability. 

Step Two - Education

While sales is often touted as an art form, it’s also considered a learned science. Spend some time reviewing the Exhibitor Success Centre to learn more about exhibitor sales.  It’s a complimentary online learning center specific to the trade show industry and it also includes informative Social Media Resources. 

Don’t forget a salesperson’s behaviour in the booth will significantly impact your show investment and it’s very important your team is properly trained before the show.  Whether you have a team of thirty or you are a one person booth, all staff need to know your show objectives, how to qualify attendees and how to personally connect with busy show attendees.  Avoid the flyer handout tactic, recognize a trade show is a face-to-face opportunity and use your time to build / strengthen relationships. Be sure your staff understand how to share your product samples in a meaningful way with the right people. 

Step Three - Logistics

Smooth logistics can make or break a show, but a seasoned professional will always tell you it’s rare for all logistics to occur precisely as planned. Do your best to prepare for the show, but also appreciate you may need to improvise when things do not go according to your well laid plan.

Read the Exhibitor Manual to determine what’s included in your exhibit agreement.  Meet with your team to define your show objectives and show budget.  Then build your show logistics plan and use the Key Dates Calendar to stay on top of all deadlines. We appreciate questions will come up! Review the CHFA East Exhibitor FAQs and contact us if you need assistance.

Step Four - Follow-up

A timely follow-up after the show is also crucial to your success. MicroSpec, our official registration and lead retrieval service provider, offers a fast, easy and reliable electronic method of capturing sales leads. Simply scan a barcode on the attendee’s badge and the registration information from that attendee is recorded in your system. No need to collect business cards – which most attendees do not carry.

Why not craft emails before the show which can quickly be personalized after the event so you won’t lose momentum? By making use of the electronic method for capturing contact information at the show, you will simplify the follow-up process and ensure you have a timely post event communication.

Step Five - Re-book

Historically 80-85% of all CHFA exhibitor re-book their exhibit space and all members who contracted their exhibit space with CHFA directly will have first-right of refusal on their current location until the rebook deadline.  Watch your inbox for the rebook application form and our Post Show Report, typically sent two weeks after the show closes.  And don’t forget all booth modification requests are considered on a first-come, first-served basis.  If you want a new location, submit the form at your earliest convenience.