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Nomination Process

Trophies given at Award ceremony

  1. We open nominations to our Members approximately 2-3 months before each CHFA NOW event.
  2. Members get notified and given a link to vote through our two main member publications: Industry Pulse and our Member Bulletins. Don’t receive these publications? Update your email preferences.
  3. Once all nominations are submitted and feedback has been provided back from each nominee (a bio and photo is requested from each person / company), a voting survey is then created for members to cast their votes. Voting generally opens 2 months before each show and remains open for approximately 3 weeks. Our voting surveys are only open to retail and supplier members (not associates) and only sent to the main contact (or voting contact).

The CHFA Willie Pelzer Memorial Hall of Fame Award, CHFA Organics Achievement Award, CHFA John Holtmann Leadership Award, CHFA Sustainability Award, and the Gordon Storie Memorial Bursary, as these are not included in the voting survey and are selected by the judging panel.

Nomination Criteria

Nomination criteria is dependent on each award, which change from event to event. Please visit to find our most up to date information on our upcoming awards.